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Sapphire the Wolf

Sapphire the Wolf ( サファイア ・ ザ・狼 Safaia za ōkami) is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic Arctic Wolf (also known as the Melville Island wolf) who stands at around 3'2". She is the polar opposite of her fraternal twin, Angelique the wolf, who possesses a quieter, more serene personality than her counterpart.

Sapphire is a lively, playful and good-natured character. She is loud and hyperactive, often getting herself into trouble because of it, and, unlike her sister, she isn't very sensible. In the same way, Sapphire is extremely dynamic, and often considered somewhat irrational by others. She is quick to lose her temper, and laugh or cry excessively in inappropriate situations, showing some traits of emotional instability.


Sapphire is a petite, anthropomorphic Arctic wolf with white fur and dark blue eyes. She has amethyst colored markings at the tips of her ears, hair, and tail. She wears a sky blue strapless dress which flows freely around her upper legs, a dark blue silk ribbon that ties around the waist and shoulders, a large sapphire gemstone on her chest and sky blue sandals with ribbons which fasten around the legs and ankles. She also sports two blue beaded bracelets on both her wrists and two blue earrings on either ear.


Sapphire is hyperactive and erratic, and not too bright. She tends to switch between emotions frequently, making her somewhat emotionally unstable, which can sometimes cause her to say or do things without fully thinking it through, leading to conflict with surrounding characters. In addition, Sapphire often jumps straight into situations she doesn't quite understand, provoking trouble. She is also very easily distracted.

Despite this, she is a very kind, caring and thoughtful soul who always puts others first, even if that means risking her own safety in order to help them. Likewise, she is very talkative and friendly and loves nothing more than having a fun time with her friends. She enjoys the daytime and loves taking part in activities such as shopping or playing with small animals.


Little is known about Sapphire's past. What is known is that Sapphire has always shown great admiration of her twin's skills and understanding of nature. As a result, Sapphire had soon decided to invite Angelique to become a part of the self-proclaimed 'professional detectives', Team Chaotix, on account of her extreme agility and know-how, and also considering how Sapphire used to be a rather close friend of theirs, believing that her understanding of the natural world may come in use for the team. However, this offer was before long dismissed for Angelique showed no sign of interest in detective work.

After having heard that Angelique chose to become a member of the freedom fighters instead, Sapphire found herself excited by the idea and soon decided to join them herself. While somewhat clumsy at first, she quickly learned how to make the most out of her abilities and they have been fighting enemies together ever since.

Powers and abilities

While not having any superpowers as such, Sapphire's fists have shown to pack quite a punch, nearly matching that of Knuckles'. Like Angelique, she also shows some level of knowledge in martial arts, enabling her to take down her opponents quite easily if at the right time.

In addition, Sapphire is quite good in terms of computers and other technology. While she doesn't quite match the skills that Tails or Dr. Eggman possess, she makes a decent substitute when they aren't around, which can be a bonus for the team.



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