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Cquote1 Does an identity define oneself? Or could it be that oneself defines the identity that they have? Which one came first? Do I create my own identity, or does my identity create me? Cquote2
Sapphire the hedgehog

Sapphire the hedgehog is a 15-year-old hedgehog who has a very questionable past. She does not know who she is, but doesn't really care. After a misadventure with a strange lady, Sapphire soon finds out that she is a run away princess with a deadly history.


Sapphire the Hedgehog is a sapphire colored hedgehog, with a peach muzzle, peach arms and a peach stomach. She has two thick eyelashes on each eye. She is slightly taller than the average female, and she has a lean figure. Her feminine features are slightly more developed than normal.

The ends of her quills have black fur and her ears have the same as well. Her hair is very long and nearly reaches her feet. She has two front quills that curl around her face, and four messy bangs that cover some of her emerald eyes. Her back head quills are styled like normal hair, and narrow.

She wears a black cut off tang top with faded jean blue shorts. She wears black leggings underneath her shorts, and purple furry leg-warmers. Her shoes are brown and have two white stripes with two silver buckles on each stripe. She wears white gloves with sock-like cuffs and long, dark green gloves underneath.


Sapphire is a strong headed, witty girl. She is very caring and forgiving, and she is optimistic. She can have a quick temper but has a cool personality and is never stressed or worried. She often thinks very brash and rash, and that often leads her to reckless choices, but her heart is in the right place. She does not jump to conclusions about people and trusts people easily. She has a thirst for adventure and hates sitting in one place for too long.

She wishes to be an inspiration for people, and tries to make good decisions based on that hope. She often has a hard time expressing her emotions, especially when they are more on the negative side, so she usually bottles away other emotions except for joy.


Sapphire has little clue about who she is or was. She has no memory other than the sound of a woman's voice yelling, though she doesn't know what. She wants to find out, though she has little care about who she was, as the past is behind her. She met Sonic by chance. Sonic had found her unconscious when he had arrived at Station Squre, where she was found, and ran here over to Tails. She woke up with no memory of who she was, and became fast friends with Sonic and Tails.

After a while of hanging out with the Sonic Heroes, Sapphire and Sonic are on a stroll through town when they are confronted by a young woman. The woman reveals herself to be Anaxarete, the Queen of the Red Empire. She reveals some information about Sapphires past, hinting that they knew each other and that Sapphire wasn't her actual name. She then simply left, with Sapphire stunned and fearful of who she was. After much research about herself, the only thing she finds is something about a Princess Sapphira, whom she imediently disregards, deciding that she couldn't possibly be a princess.

It isn't until they meet Anaxarete again when she realizes that she, Sapphire, is Princess Sapphira, and that the Red Queen (Anaxarete) is actually her enemy. The Red Queen explains that Sapphira, to her horror, killed the queens son after 'Sapphire' became corrupted with greed and power, and didn't want her son becoming an heir to the throne. Sapphire breaks down in disbelief, and the Red Queen exits once again, leaving a crying Sapphire behind. Sonic finds Sapphire and she explains what the Red Queen had told her, and Sonic shook his head, responding that she "shouldn't let that weird lady get to her." He also responds that he doesnt believe that she could commit such a crime, no matter who she was in her past life. Sapphire eventually agrees, and they go back to Tails' workshop to try to get more information.

They found out that the Red Queen actually told the truth; that Sapphira did kill her son, and that it was out of greed. Sapphire runs off, and Sonic doesn't follow, knowing that she needs space. Sapphire arrives at a forest and falls asleep, dreaming of Sapphira. She remembers, in her dream, that Anaxarete's son, whose name is revealed to be Damon, was killed, but not of greed. It turns out that he tried to assassinate her to claim the throne, but it backfired as she became so angry that she killed him. She then ran off, and collapsed at Station Square. She wakes up, worried and scared, but goes back to Tails' Workshop to find Sonic. She finds Sonic and tells him what happened and that her memory resurface, with Sonic smiling as he was right about her. They decided that they should try to find the strange Anaxarete and find out what was going on. They split up and decided to search around the city, and Tails agreed to help.

After hours of no luck Sapphire, Sonic, and Tails returned to the workshop. They decided to go to sleep and Sapphire soon became plagued with nightmares throughout the night, dreaming of Sapphira being evil and of Anaxarete. She had another memory of Anaxarete attacking Sapphira after the murder of Damon, with Sapphira nearly killing her then running off in horror. Sapphire woke up the next morning and escaped the workshop and back into the forest.

She then was ambushed by the Red Queen and was stabbed with a sword as Anaxarete contemplated on if she was insane, or if Sapphire was insane. Sapphire remarked that Anaxarete was insane and just stabbed a kid. Anaxarete then kicked her after telling her that she should die and that the insane one was Sapphire. Sapphira then took control, realizing that neither her nor Sapphire was ready to die, and attacked Anaxarete viciously, almost to death like with Damon, but Sapphire was able to stop her before the final fatal blow. They then argued over who should be the one in control, until Sapphira understood that she should let go and let Sapphire live her own life. Sapphire then hugged Sapphira, to which the later was surprise, having not been hugged since her parents had passed many years ago, and hugged back. They then parted, though Sapphira still appears in her dreams and is still there, and Sapphire ran off to Sonic to tell him what had happened.


Sapphire has the limited ability of aerokinisis, along with many other ranges of powers.


Her ability is very limited, and she is only able to create high speed winds and can momentarily, depending on how fast the wind is, stop wind from blowing.


She can move small objects with her mind and depending on how heavy the person is, she is able to lift them up.

Chaos Abilities

Sapphire has a rare sense of being able to sense Chaos energy, and can manipulate it to her will, though her connection is not as strong as Sonic or Shadow.

Charm speak

This ability is also very limited, and can only work if the person is dimwitted or easy to manipulate.

Super Speed

She can run nearly at the speed of sound.


Sapphire can see people's auroras. She can also feel when someone is unwell or sad or angry, and can be affected by that. She is also able to preform spindashes, homing attacks, and other basic moves such as that.


Sapphire can speak multiple languages and be able to understand the language being spoken to her. She is also able to hear things that many people cannot, almost like supersonic hearing. She is able to preform hand to hand combat, martial arts and other battle abilities. She is extremely flexible and agile, and is able to bend her body at ease. She also has a certain musical talent, as she can sing and play various instruments.


Sapphire has a fear of water, though she would admit this to no one. She also has a hard time controlling her powers, as her emotions can trigger them, causing her to be unstable at times. Because she doesn't know who she is, she sometimes sufferes an identity crisis, and worries about whether or not she wants to know who she is. Not knowing who she is made her slightly insecure about people and her trust, even though she seems to trust everyone.

After finding out who she was only worsened her identity crisis. She then became worried about if she was like her past self, or if she was now a completely different person.


"I... I don't know who I am. Is an identity something necessary? Of course it is... I can't be myself if I have no clue what myself even is..."

"If heroes always win, and villains always lose, is there really much excitement in knowing that you will always win? And what if you're not the good guy, but yet you've been winning this whole time?"

"I think the best thing that I've learned from this is that I'm not alone."

"Everyone fears something... I fear many things people shouldn't... I fear who I am, I fear who I was, I fear who I will become. I fear the things I don't know and I fear the things I do know... I suppose the thing that I fear the most is simply my identity."

"A princess? Ha! Like heck I was. I was probably more a peasant or whatever."

"Life is a beautiful thing, and you wasted it even though you swore not to. I hate to say this, but isn't that a little hypocritical?"

"You're insane, no question to it. You can't be sane when you are willing to kill a young girl who never hurt you. You are either insane, or at least some what mad. If you are sane, than that makes this worse to know that you in your right mind wanted to kill people."


  • Sapphire went through seven total redesigns, while her persona, Sapphira, only had one design.
  • Sapphire's fear of water comes from Sapphira, as Sapphira had nearly drowned when she was younger.
  • Sapphire and Sapphira were originally going to be twins that hated each other, and were also going to be the personas of Chaos and Solaris.
  • Sapphire originally had purple streaks instead of her black, and wore a leather jacket.
  • Sapphire hates fruit, where Sapphira loves it.
  • Sapphire's weight was found out only because Tails had made her run multiple tests to make sure she was healthy, with weighing her one of them.
  • Sapphire hinted that she wants to be in a band when she grows up.
  • Sapphire's name was going to be Lizzy, but after many redesigns, and that the creator wanted the hedgehog to have a name that started with "S", Sapphire was chosen.
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