"I have lived alone in this island for years and I will live here for many more to come. I'm not interested in anything you or the other islands have to say so do me and my clan a favor and leave for you have no further business here."

Name Sapphire the Echidna
Pic Sapphire
Also Known As Sapphy(unwanted nickname)
Species Mobian/Echidna
Gender Female
Birthplace Sol Dimension
Residence Blue Echidna Island
Age 15
Color Scheme Light blue(main), dark blue(hair)
Eyes Emerald green
Attire Black strapless cropped shirt, short purple jean jacket, black gloves with fingers cut off, grey belt with two compartments, khaki pants, black combat boots
Alignment Good/Hero
Favorite food Bananas
Likes Being left alone, bananas, Knuckles, her friends, peace and quiet, doing nothing, the Sol Dimension, Sonic's Dimension(to a degree)
Dislikes Spiders, bugs, Eggman, her enemies, being bothered, crowded places, taking orders from others, being called "Sapphy", being humiliated, being taken advantage of


Levatation, basic combat, tazer, double-barrel laser pistol
Ability Type Speed

Sapphire the Echidna(サファイア·ザ·エキドゥナ Safaia· za· Ekiduna) is the princess of the Blue Echidna Clan and last blue Echidna from the Sol Dimension.


Sapphire was the princess of a clan of blue echidnas in the Sol Dimension that lived on a small island, conveniently called Blue Echidna Island, not too far from Southern Island. She helped run the clan along with her father and also acted somewhat as a healer also. Since the clan was typically very hostile to tresspassers and the other islands, each year Sapphire and her father traveled to strengthen peace treaties with the other islands and promote trade between them.

All things on the clan's island were peaceful and prosporus until one year a fatal epidemic came to the island, killing all but Sapphire, her father, and some lucky clanmates- but they soon perished and left Sapphire alone on her own. Once the last clanmate left her, Sapphire immediately cut all treaties with the other islands in belief that if all her clanmates left her alone, the other islands should too.


Sapphire is a very independent girl as a result to living alone and is a proud girl. She believes that everything happens for a reason, even if the reaons is unexpainable. Due to her immediately cutting the treaties with the other islands, it is proven that she doesn't trust others unless they can prove that they can be trusted. Sapphire may be a tad hostile when meeting new people, but other than that she's very calm and is much like a pacifist.


  • Levatation- ability to pick thing up with her mind. When she uses this her eyes turn more of a reddish color and her hands emit a light green glow
  • Basic combat- close hand-to-hand fighting; specializes more in defense than offense
  • Use of a tazer and pistol- skill aquired through self training

Game Play

Sapphire's game play would be very similar to Knuckles'. She would be able to glide and spindash/jump, but she is not able to climb walls. When attacking enemies, she does not jump into them. Instead she uses her laser pistol and shoots them. If an enemy is to big/strong to be taken out by one shot, she uses her taser to temporarily stun the enemy and shoots it multiple times until they are destroyed.

Basic Stats

Stat Level (out of 10)
Acceleration 4
Max Speed 6
Stamina 9.5
Skill 10
Technique 9
Jumping 8.5
Defense 6
Offense 4
Attack 5.5


Total 69/100
Stat Type Skill


  • Sapphire is deathly afraid of insects, especially spiders
  • Being more of a pacifist, Sapphire doesn't like to fight
  • At times her pride and ego can get the best of her and she'll make choices that aren't the best
  • Though being a speed type character, Sapphire isn't the fastest runner and has a very slow acelleration






  • "Did Blaze send you here? If she did; tell her I'm not interested in forming new treaties."
  • "I have lived alone in this island for years and I will live here for many more to come. I'm not interested in anything you or the other islands have to say so do me and my clan a favor and leave for you have no further business here."
  • "Why do you still come back to this island? There's nothing for you here!"
  • "Why did I break the treaties? If my whole clan left me to live the rest of my life alone, why should I rely on the other islands?"

Theme Song

I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Lyrics)

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Lyrics)



  • Sapphire's tiara is her most precious trinket and keeps in a secret chamber located deep within one of the temple located on the island
  • Sapphire still hold tightly to the customs and traditions of her clan in their memory
  • Although she has a tazer and double-barrel laser pistol, she's never officially used them.
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