Sapphire is a sapphire-colored Fox with blonde hair that's spine length. Her tail is long with a silver tip and she has the tattoo of the Insurgents across her bode, only visible from her eyes to her neck. Her usual garb is a white outer shirt with a black open button-down, a pair of black cargo pants with white trim, the holster for her pistol on her back on the small of her spine. She wears a pair of black and white sneakers.


Sapphire isn't one to open herself to emotions and whatnot. She isn't a lone wolf; she just doesn't like talking to people about her feelings. Sapphire is crass, but with a militaristic attitude about it. She knows the difference between orders for the right reasons and orders for malicious purposes and can refuse if she must. Sapphire's military background tends to give her a"duty before self" attitude towards people, seeing minor things as a major inconvenience to her main objective. However, she does have a heart and will do the right thing even if it means the mission might be compromised as a result.


Sapphire was the child of a mysterious fox known as The Director and a vixen named Allison. The two discovered one day that Allison had Psi Abilities. These abilities, upon further study, were discovered to be powerful enough to combat Chaos and survive. The Director had an idea and recruited many different your Mobians and began experimenting on them using Allison's DNA.

One day, Allison gave birth to Sapphire, who had Allison's Psi abilities already. Allison had told the Director that she wanted Sapphire to have a normal life and to be able to be happy, but The Director figured such a thing was impossible. Allison was not happy with this but allowed The Director to train Sapphire in how to not just fight, but to control her powers. When Sapphire turned 7, Allison passed away, her remaining powers transferring to Sapphire.

Sapphire then began training to be a part of her father's special forces known as the Insurgents. They were all successes of the implanting of Allison's DNA. When Sapphire turned 18, she became the leader of the Insurgents, leading them through 200 missions before she turned 25. When she did, she began to wonder why so many people of high status were being targeted by them. Upon asking, she was met with the usual "need to know basis" shtick. On one mission she was told to hunt down and kill a child who knows too much about a government program that was linked to The Director. That was Sapphire's breaking point. She made it a point to never hurt a child for any reason and she quit right then and there.

As the years went by, her former teammates left as well, each join her to form the Neos Hunters a group of mercenaries that hunt in the name of the law, One day she received word that her father, had been fatally ill and wanted to see her. When she went to visit him, he told her the reason Allison passed away. As Sapphire's powers grew stronger, Allison became weaker and slowly began to die. When Sapphire reached the peak of her powers, Allison died, giving what she had not learned to her daughter. Sapphire was pissed. Not at the Director, but herself. She slowly killed her mother by just existing. Later that day, The Director passed away and no one but Sapphire and the Neos Hunters attended the funeral.

Sapphire dedicates her powers and her hunts to her mother, by praying to Allison and her father, asking them to watch over their hunt.


Sapphire has Psi Abilities, these abilities are typically classified in three different schools: Healing, Damage, and Support. Sapphire is only proficient in Damage and Healing because her The Director's insistence that she was on the front lines.


Sapphire has the ability to heal wounds by concentrating her Psi Energy to her hands and waving them over her the wounds. This doesn't take much effort on her part, but the worse off the wound, the more energy she'll have to dispense to heal the wound.


Sapphire has the ability to summon fire tornadoes, ice storms, thunderbolts, create massive boulders to toss around, and more. She can even imbue her bullets with elemental properties when she uses a firearm. Both ways she uses this ability take a lot on her end but the result is satisfactory enough that it's worth the risk to perform them.


Because of her military training, Sapphire has increased agility and stamina, allowing her to outlast and outrun many of her targets. She also was trained in many types of firearms. Her favorites are Pistols and Sniper Rifles. Combining her marksmanship with her Psi abilities, she becomes one of the most dangerous hunters.

When Sapphire gets angry enough, she goes into a rage state that turns her ball of pure Psi rage. This form is uncontrollable for Sapphire and when she goes into this form, she is hard to calm down. This is classified as Psi-Rage or Psycho Overload.


Sapphire has taught herself to have enhanced senses by constantly taking night hunts alone. Over the course of a few years, Sapphire has been able to find her way through the dark without help or a guide of any kind.


Sapphire's only weakness is that she can't kill children or anyone that looks like one. She knows what it means to lose something precious and this has been used against her on many occasions, resulting in losing multiple targets.

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