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Sapphira the Hedgehog


First appearance None
Game appearances None
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) Lize Prescott

Lady Sapphira

Voice Actors
American Voice Actor Lize Prescott
Japanese Voice Actor None
Biographical overview
Full Name Princess Sapphira the Hedgehog
Age 15
Birthday March 4th
Birthplace Her kingdom
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Female
Height 100 cm (3' 3")
Weight 35 kg (77 lb.)
Fur Blue and black
Skin Peach
Eyes Green
  • A blue and black dress
  • White and blue gloves
  • Black ponytail holder
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Hero
Sexual Orientation Unavailable
Affiliation The House of *kingdomes name unknown*
Likes Chess, Damon, Sonic, Shakespeare, reading, mysteries, chocolate, sweets, Anaxerate, freedom, exploring, annoying the nobles, her wit
Dislikes Damon, Anaxarete, water, swimming,
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Spin dash
  • Super speed
  • Combat
  • Multi Lingual
Abilities and Powers
  • Telekinesis
  • Super hearing
  • Harnessing chaos energy
    • Super transformation
Ability type Speed


Sapphira the Hedgehog is a sapphire colored hedgehog with black tips on her ears and quills. She has a peach muzzle, peach arms, and a peach stomach. She has two front quills that curl around her face and four bangs that cover her eyes. She had long, narrow, hair like quills that are often styled into a ponytail. Her hair reaches down to her ankles. She has emerald green eyes, but her right eye has a red tint to it.

Her normal attire is a large sky blue dress with a black underskirt and white trim with a green Emerald in a belt like seam on her waist. The dress is sleeveless and strapless. She wears long, almost up to her shoulder snow white gloves that have blue fur near the wrist and are fingerless. The gloves have a blue trim at the top that matches the color of the dress. Her shoes are high heels and are blue like her dress. She also wears black, net like pantyhose.


Sapphira is very similar to Sapphire, but she is also very different. She is a tad more flirty, and always speaks whatever comes to her mind, even insults. She also is very witty and sarcastic and isn't afraid of anyone. She has no qualms about what people think of her and lives everyday like its her last, never taking advantage of the scenery she has seen. She is also somewhat shy when it comes to singing, and she can become flustered. She hates sitting still and is always on the move, always leaving or sneaking out of her castle to explore.

She is also very stubborn and prideful, and hates admitting that she was wrong. Although she seems very friendly, she can be cold and manipulating to get what she wants. She also seems very sweet, but she is very rude. She doesn't really mean to be, but she enjoys speaking her mind and annoying the nobles with her honestly.


Sapphira the Hedgehog was born on the 4th day of the third month. She was born very ill, so her parents pleaded that the guardian, Knuckles' father, heal her by using the Chaos Emeralds. He relented and preformed the ceremony. That left her with Chaos Energy in her blood, and gave her her powers, and a red tinted eye.

Years later, she met Damon, and fell in love with him, him returning her feelings. They soon wished to be wed, and Damon gave her a ring, showing that they would become engaged when she was of age. A year later, he attempted to assassinate her, and revealed that he never loved her, and had used her to take the throne. Sapphira becomes enraged, and her anger affects her powers, making them go berserk and killing Damon. She then fled and spread rumors about killing Damon because of greed. She eventually attempted suicide, but instead resulted in her amnesia, causing Sapphira to be "born".

It isn't until Sapphire gets plagued with nightmares that she returns. She then is depicted as evil, and often tries to kill Sapphire, when in fact she is the one trying to help her by showing her some of the memories that Sapphire dreams. When Sapphire was on the verge of dying after being confronted and attacked by Anaxarete, she was able to temporarily take control of Sapphire and defeat The Red Queen, Anaxarete. After that, she soon let Sapphire take over after an argument between the two about who should, realizing that Sapphire should live her own life and that it was Sapphira's time to let go.


Sapphira has the same powers, and also some new ones, as Sapphire, only hers were more developed and she was able to control them much easier than Sapphire. They are also more powerful, as she didn't try to hold back like Sapphire.


She is able to manipulate the wind and stop it completely, create tornadoes, and make the wind blow even faster.


She is able to lift up heavier objects and people.

Super Speed

She is able to run at nearly the speed of sound, still slower than Sonic.

Charm Speak

Her ability of charm speak is much more evolved than Sapphire's. She can convince almost anyone except for the insane or highly intelligent to do what she wants.


She has the ability to be able to heal any wounds given to her, to an extent. If it is a life threatening wound, she can not heal it, as it's too much of a strain to be able to heal it, which is why she could commit suicide, though she didn't die. If the wounds come to rapidly and fast, she also won't be able to heal.


Sapphira is able to read auroras. She is also highly effected by other people's emotions, being able to sense it and then feel it. She also has super sonic hearing and can hear things most can't.


Sapphira can speak multiple languages due to being taught the languages by her mentor. She also has developed a certain super sonic hearing, and can hear things many can not. She also can preform hand-to-hand combat having watched her guards protect her, also implying that she is a quick learner. She is very flexible and can bend her body at will. Sapphira also has a certain musical flair. She is able to play a variety of instruments, her favorite being that of a flute. She is also able to sing very well, but she is shy of showing people that talent.


Sapphira shares the fear of water like Sapphire, whose fear might have actually came from Sapphira. She also has a hard time controlling her temper and will lash out when provoked. She was also racked with guilt and grief after she had murdered Damon, which resulted in her attempted suicide.

She is also very nervous when she is alone; not because she can't take care of herself and needs to rely on others, but because she is afraid of being forever alone, as she had been isolated from other children because of her royalty and unstable powers.


  • "I am Sapphira, princess of this land. I was born and raised here, and if fate has it, I shall die here too. I will not stand for you abusing the land or its subjects. You will regret that you had ever crossed me."
  • "Insane? That's one word that was age appropriate that popped into my mind about you, now that you bring it up, Red Queen."
  • "You are an insane fool! Haven't you have the brains to realize that if you kill my family, and then I, it will not result in you becoming royalty! It will result in pure chaos!"
  • "You... Never loved me? This whole time, you've woven your cruel lies and pulled me into your web not out of love but out of spite, hate, and greed?! I WILL KILL YOU!"
  • "All my life, I've dreamed of an adventure, or at the very least, a break in the same old routine. I would gladly switch lives with some one lesser than I, not just for adventure, but also because they most likely deserve it more than I."
  • "My love is yours to hold and keep. Be warned, though, as while it is as passionate as an artist painting, it is as fragile as a blossoming flower."
  • "You're right... My time upon this Earth is done and has been since I dare touched the knife and cut the flesh near my heart. I should not interfere in your life: it is yours, so do not waste it like many waste theirs. That's all I ask you to do. But, lest you run into any trouble... I will always be there to catch you when you fall."
  • "Want and need are not similar in any way. I know that I want to live, but do I need too? 'To be or not to be, that is the question'."
  • "Trust is like a rose. Thorny on the outside, as it is hard to gain, but fragile on the inside, like the soft and delicate petals of the rose. I am afraid that you have ripped those petals to shreds. But, there is one difference between the Rose and our trust: roses can grow back, but trust can not."
  • "Time is so precious. I wish not to waste it... If I could, I would put it in a bottle and watch it as it grows."


  • Unlike Sapphire, Sapphira went through only one redesign, compared to Sapphires seven.
  • She was also going to have a thick Old English way of speaking, like using 'thou' and 'thy', although she does still use those words occasionally.
  • Sapphira also loves Shakespeare, her favorite being Hamlet, and she quotes his works multiple times.
  • She also reads Sherlock Holmes, and will try to solve mysteries in her castle. Due to having read them made her a quick observer as well.
  • Sapphira was intended to be Sapphire's twin and they were both going to be the persona of Chaos and Solaris.
  • Sapphira was also originally planned to be a knight who rebelled against a corrupt queen.
  • Sapphira often speaks in riddles or metaphors, mostly to annoy people, but also because she loves having people solve her mysterious hints.
  • Sapphira as also originally planned to be named Lizzy when Sapphire was named Sapphire instead, but the creator decide that Sapphira "has a better ring to it".
  • Sapphira was also going to have died from suicide and then be reborn.
  • Technically, Sapphira is the main person and Sapphire is the persona.
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