"Stop this mindless destruction, Amethyst!"
—Saphire the Hedgehog

Saphire the Hedgehog is a Hedgehog with the power to control robots. He was created by Dr. Eggman during Project: ASE, along with Emerald the Hedgehog an Amethyst the Hedgehog.


Creation and Awakening

Project: ASE was a project of Eggman's, in which he would use the DNA of Shadow the Hedgehog to create three powerful lifeforms. Those lifeforms were named Saphire the Hedgehog, Emerald the Hedgehog, and Amethyst the Hedgehog. During Sonic's attack on Eggman's lab, Saphire, Emerald, and Amehyst were released from their containers. THey ended up being found by Sonic while the base was exploding. Sonic managed to rescue both Emerald and Saphire, but didn't notice Amethyst.

Discovering his Powers

As Emerald and Saphire explored Earth, they both discovered their special powers. Saphire's are controlling water and robotics.

Defeating Amethyst

When Dr. Eggman began trying to conquer the world once again, Saphire teamed up Sonic the hedgehog to defeat Dr. Eggman. They then discovered that Amethyst had betrayed Eggman and fused himself with Chaos, becoming Amechos. He then ended up defeating Amethyst along with Sonic and Emerald.




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  • Saphire the Hedgehog is Shacho's first Sonic Fanon character.
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