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Saphire the Hedgehogs creators name is Charli, whom takes residance in London, United Kingdom.

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Saphire is a strong headed 15 year old Hedgehog, whom was born in the outskirts of Mobius on the Second of May 1996, when she was a small baby her and her parents moved to central Mobius.


Saphire is a saphire blue hedgehog, hence the name Saphire. Her spines are the same colour as her body. She has a peach chest area, arm, inner ear and muzzle. He has voilet eyes, similar to Knuckles the Echidna. Her nose is similar to Amy Roses, it is wet and healthy most of the time. Her ears are pointy, but soft to touch.


She wears a white short sleeved T-shirt with a light blue- dyed jean jacket, with the bottom of the sleeves padded and white. She wears jeans the same colour as her jacket. To go with the outfit she wears jet black converse, with white padding, toe area and laces. Her gloves are a simple white, which have a small blue Saphire engraved into each.

The Saphire of Flight.

The Saphire of flight is a special Saphire her grandmother gave to her when she was around 11 years old. It gives her and only her the ability fly. It is also impossible for Saphire do drop/damage it in any way-it has a spell put on it to prevent any harm toward it. It also alows her the fly at incredible speeds.

Team formation.

She is what you would call the Power of the team, she is a rather powerful girl, she is slightly more powerful than Silver but less powerful than Knuckles, whom is a very good friend.

If she obtains the mystical Saphire of Flight, which her grandmother gave to her when Saphire was 11. If she holds it in her hand she will have the power to fly at incredible speeds, exceding 100 MPH. If she holds it in her hands, unless she wants it to, it will never fall. It wall always be in her pocket even if she forgets it!


Saphire lives with her mother, her father walked out quite some time ago, when Saphire was about 13. She grew up in Mobius, but when her Father left; her mother thought it would be a good idea for them to move houses. So they moved to a small apartment in Green hill, Mobius. When Saphire was 14, her mother fell in love with some one else, and she fell pregnant, but lost the baby. Her mother thought it would be a good idea for her and her partner to seperate, so she could have time to think. They never got back together! After this her mother started to strugle, she had to do odd jobs here and there. Even Saphire decided to help her mother and got a job as a paper girl. One day whilst delivering she saw an advert, for Team Chronozone, looking for a flight. She remebered the flight Saphire and decided to jump at the orpotunity, her mother suported her all the way! She was accepted into the team, which made her close friends with Selena the Hedgehog. After this her mother started getting back on her feet, and Saphire did not need to keep the job as a paper girl; her mother thought it got in the way of her hero work! She made Saphire give it up!
One day whislt Saphire was doing a mission, she came across her mothers ex-boyfriend, and told her mother he did not live to far away! Her mother went to see him and they got back together; about half a year later. On Saphires 15th birthday, her father returned, he tried to apologize for everything he had done, Saphire wanted to forgive him; but she wouldnt! Her father left, just before her mothers partner came home; she had a brilliant birthday except from her father coming. That night at dinner, when Saphires friends had gone home, her mother reaveled some heart warming news, she was once again pregnant! They were both over the moon, and so was Saphire! This time the baby was born, a beautiful little boy! Not long after this, her mother married; giving Saphire a step dad! He was a fantastic father figure, to Saphire and her baby brother, which they named Luck; because he was a very special boy. When Luck turned 1, a few months after Saphires 16th birthday, there parents wanted to move to a bigger home, back to the city, around the outskirts of station square, the Emerald coast. Saphire wasnt to keen on this idea! She was happy at Green hill, and she didnt want to move! She was really stuborn about it! Her mother didn't want to see her unhappy, but she wasnt willing to pass up an opotunity like this, so they moved! They settled down there, and Saphire after a while started to like it there, she was a lot closer to her friends here! And many more missions were located there aswell!

Saphire seems to enjoy playing Keyboard and has a fantastic singing voice also.-She loves doing both and also has a weak spot for Cookies and Coca-cola.


Saphire is a strong headed Hedgehog, who doesnt have many fears. Except for the odd one or two. She can be very agressive, boistrous and at times quite rude- which she gets from her father! She can also be very generous, caring and is good at giving advice- which she gets from her Mother.

She can also show of a bit aswell, but not very often.

She can also be quite spiteful at times, and once again only when she wants to.


Selena the Hedgehog- Selena is her best friend, whom she met through team Chronozone.-Selena is the team leader and is the reason Saphire was so determined to make it in to the team! Selena saw this determonation and made her part of the team, and also clicked with her instantly. They have been best friends ever since.

Bella-Stella Robotnik the Hedgehog- Bella is a very good friend, who is caring and very defensive over Saphire. She met Bella through the team, because Bellas older brother is the power of the team.

Knuckles the Echidna- It was an accident them meeting, but of course they was very happy because now Knuckles is a very good friend of Saphires and there very close.- Saphire seems to like Knuckles more than friends, but will of course never admit it to him! He also has feelings for her, but once again wont admit it.

Mina the Mongoose- Saphire has known Mina for most of her life, they met when Saphire was about 2. They get along very well and altough they rarely see eachother, when they do meet up they talk for hours on end and never seem to get bored.

Jade the Hedgehog- Her mother, whom she loves very much! She gets along better with her than she does her father, who she doesnt exactly like very much.

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