Cquote1 The very thought of collaborating with such evil is so painful that I can barely stand. I can't wait to find out what kind of memories this opportunity will create. Cquote2

Sanzu the Crow is a black crow with the power to manifest his own memories into attacks. Although he desires to fight for the side of good, he works for evil in order to strengthen his power. He also has a sister named Miso, who he has roped into his criminal antics.



Sanzu is a delusional creature who harbors an unnatural admiration for good and justice. He sees heroes as an inspiration and an example of how everyone in the world should act. He believes that people who do not act on behalf of good, neutral in other words, and especially those with the powers to do so are simply living wasteful lives. However, he is also just as critical of those who do work for good, expecting them to behave in a certain way. He constantly tests heroes that he comes across, seeing if they are worthy of their alignment.

Sanzu also possesses an intense sense of self-hatred and worthlessness. He sees himself as unsuitable to work for the side of justice with the current state of his power, and he believes that he is an incredibly weak person. He constantly talks down about himself and cheerfully agrees when someone else does the same. Because of both this self-hatred and the nature of his power, Senzu purposefully puts himself in scenarios that cause himself suffering. He seems to relish in reliving painful and embarrassing memories. There does not seem to be a limit to how much he is willing to put himself through.

As a result of Sanzu's unhealthy and self-destructive personality, he has ironically lead himself into the path of evil. He is capable of committing any number of villainous deeds (albeit remorsefully), for he believes that the memory of each horrific act that he commits will further surge his powers and, by extension, his ability to destroy the evil he now serves.

Despite thinking more highly of other people, even total strangers, than himself, Sanzu is perfectly capable and willing to manipulate and deceive them to suit his own goals. He's also surprisingly strategic, capable of using his power (despite not thinking highly of it) in unconventional ways to suit any situation.



Negative Memory Manifestation

Sanzu is capable of recalling a painful memory and projecting it as an attack. However, the attack does not manifest as a replica of the memory, rather it takes on a more basic form such as a blast or shock-wave. The more painful the memory Sanzu recalls, the more powerful his attack becomes, with the cost of being uncontrollable and harmful to his allies. On the other hand, less painful memories are weaker, but he has more control over them and can use a more varied selection of attacks. The use of this power takes a heavy toll on Sanzu, often leaving him with splitting headaches.


  • Memory Magnum - An attack where Sanzu points his finger at an enemy and fires marble-sized projectiles. This attack is powered by extremely minor memories that are often more embarrassing than painful, such as the time when Sanzu got gum in his feathers or when he walked into the wrong classroom in grade school.
  • Painful Palm
  • Subconscious Shockwave
  • Wretched Remembrance
  • Murder Memory - What Sanzu considers to be his ultimate attack. The memory used for this attack must be very powerful and have left a devastating impact on Sanzu's psyche, such as the day that he witnessed the death of his parents. Sanzu forms a never-ending murder of miniature crows from his body that tear the enemy to bits. Upon activating Murder Memory, he is unable to stop and the attack lasts until either Sanzu is knocked out or he puts so much strain on the memory in use that it is erased from his mind.


Memory Loss

Sanzu's attacks often put heavy strain on the memory that he is recalling. If the attack he uses is extremely powerful, such as Murder Memory, or if he overuses a single memory to fuel his attacks, it can cause him to permanently lose that memory.

If Sanzu were to lose his painful memories, he would be unable to recall them and therefore unable to use his power at all. Characters that can induce memory loss are the ideal enemy to defeat him with. A hard enough attack to his head can also be just as efficient.


Commander Plenty

A legendary hero and Sanzu's former master. He learned almost everything he once knew about being a hero from her, and therefore has a great deal of respect for her. However, he believes that he is completely incapable of ever reaching her level of strength. This feeling of worthlessness eventually lead him to leaving his master behind and turning to evil to strengthen his powers.

Miso the Crow

Miso is Sanzu's little sister whom he cares for dearly. She has the opposite of his power, being able to harnass pleasant memories. She tries to be a moral compass for him and desires to bring Sanzu to his senses, but she understands that there is something very wrong with her brother and leading him to the right path is likely beyond what she is capable of. She is intensely dependant of her big brother, which is what allowed him to lead her into the side of evil with him.

Trance the Bat

Trance's power to steal people's memories and feed off of them mixes well with his own power, and so the two have formed an odd partnership in which they use each other for their own personal benefit. The two have saved each other's lives at various points and seem to share a degree of trust with one another. Despite this, the two can barely tolerate one another as Sanzu despises her association with villainy and refusal to reform while Trance finds his overall personality to be unbearable. 

Tyren the Pangolin

Sanzu approves of Tyren's heroic endeavors and tactics. Tyren, however, seems to be rather disturbed by Sanzu's masochistic viewpoint, thinking that he's already capable of being a hero. The two have frequently traded blows.


  • Sanzu is somewhat inspired by Nagito Komaeda, a character from the Danganronpa series.
  • Sanzu's sister, Miso, is named after a seasoning used in soup. She's named after soup, yes.
  • Like many heroes that have inspired him, Sanzu has a habit of sometimes calling his attacks in dramatic moments.
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