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Sanuq The Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic specimen of the Hugh's hedgehog. As you can see, he embodies several of the stereotypes associated with Sonic fan characters. This was intentional.


Sanuq's personality is... not easy to describe. It tends to reflect the situation he's in. For example, any romantic interest may trigger a flawed attempt at a "ladies' man" persona, and he'll probably start breaking a few tears when any of his friends suffer injury or death.

In normal circumstances, he's pretty well-going, if not a tad bit moody. But be warned: Sanuq could earn your trust, and then break it. Then again, who'd trust an orange Sonic in the first place?


Sanuq's appearance is nothing too special. Basically, he's Sonic, except he's orange and has a red scarf. He also sports a weird purple aura, but this is mostly an aesthetic feature, and isn't always visible.

Occasionally, he may don a differently-colored scarf, maybe a t-shirt and shorts.


Originally, Sanuq was merely a 100% normal, quadruped hedgehog. However, at the mere age of 5, he was captured by a lab and underwent pretty severe mutations. I think you should be able to tell how severe those mutations were.

At the age of 8, he was given a companion by the name of Emmet. Interactions with this little hedgehog have ranged from being the best of friends to treating it like a guinea pig (and not in the good way). He now considers Emmet The Hedgehog to be his brother, and vice versa.


Sanuq has most of the abilities that Sonic utilized between 1999 and 2009. On top of this, he also has mild cryptokinetic powers, powered by the previously-mentioned purple aura surrounding him. His preferred method of combat is racking up the combos, but he will utilize his other powers when they are required... sometimes.


I'm gonna keep this brief: Sanuq has really bad reflexes. Like, he sometimes takes an entire second to react. Doesn't sound much like a weakness, but compared to other speedy hedgehogs, it knocks him down on the strength meter by quite a bit. And considering he's actually slightly faster than Sonic, it's even more of a disadvantage. That's right: being faster than Sonic is a DISADVANTAGE for him. (insert phrase that suggests a bizarre situation or disaster)

Also, as stated/suggested previously, Sanuq's behavior is commonly unpredictable, and occasionally works against what he wants to/must do.

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