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(They're supposed to be recolors.)

About The Two

These two are versions of Sonic from a parralel universe (one in which Sonic is not a single hedgehog). They live on a beach. Sanuq likes the fact that he's in a parralel universe. Emmet hates the fact that they're in a parralel universe, and the fact that they're basically just a pair of recolors. Basically, Sanuq tries to be the stereotypical fanon character, while Emmet resents such actions and prevents this from occuring as much as he can. And they spend half their time in Sonic's universe. Not much else to say, really.

Well, besides these two factoids: both hedgehogs weigh 90 pounds each, and both can utilize basically any transformation if they have the materials required to execute it.

(Note: Individual images of the hedgehogs are not to relative scale, though they would be if the image of Sanuq was about 25% smaller.)


When someone thinks "ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL", this is the guy that pops up into their heads. Sanuq is a Hugh's hedgehog that underwent mutations at a young age, eventually leading to his current Sonic-like state. Unfortunately, the data his little brain ended up obtaining has partially corrupted his mind, the most notable example of proof being several Sonic OC stereotypes.

His height is 4'3a.k.a. a foot taller than Sonic. He is 24 years old. His blood type is O-.


Sanuq's personality is... what's the best way to describe it... up and down and all around!

Normally, he's similar to Sonic, except with a bit of a happy-go-lucky edge. He tends to be quite bonkers sometimes, but this is usually to exaggerate his emotions or relieve tension.

Powers, Abilities, And Skills

That scarf of his is enough to give him a tiny boost in power. Seriously, that homing attack could take down your average Eggman boss in 3 hits... you know, instead of 8.

Without a Spin Dash and the such, Sanuq needs to rely on the skills that Modern Sonic posseses.

Oh, and he has a super form. They always have a super form. And a hyper form? Ok, that's kinda OP! But, whatever. He's responsible with his power, and that's all he needs.

Most Powerful Attack: Final Color Blaster. Only usable in hyper form.


That super form actually makes him go insane until he's wasted up all the power for using it. So, yeah. Kinda like the British Sonic comic, our wherever it came from.


Likes: Adventures, running, sympathy, music, and bubble shields.

Dislikes: Beings of pure evil, mercury fumes, fatal diseases, over-the-top villans (for being villans), and that ****ing barrel from Carnival Night Zone.


Allies: Emmet The Hedgehog, Leo Prower, and Holly The Cat (hollythecat12).

Rivals: Espio the Chameleon, Bean the Dynamite, and Bolt the Hedgehog.

Enemies: Dr. Eggman.


"Up, over, and gone!"

Theme Song

"It Doesn't Matter" (Sonic Adventure 2) - Tony Harnell & Ted Poley



On the opposite side of the spectrum is the clearly-clawed Emmet: an olive-colored Daurian hedgehog, a student of Emerald City High School, and a respectively-new member of the Recolor Police. Not only does he hate the stereotypes directed towards him, but he doesn't even hate them because they're directed towards him. And he doesn't directly attack with those fancy claws of his; he pretty much Falcon Punches, to both knock animals out of badniks and knock sense into spazzy Sanuq. Oh, and he likes LEGO™ stuff (take a guess why).

The only artificial component of his body is a group of synthetic cells that allow him to identify a wide range of organisms, by scientific name and conservation status.

His height is 2'3''a.k.a. a foot shorter than Sonic. He is 16 years old. His blood type is B+.


Emmet is a bit on the cocky side, but considering his dislikes, that's not too surprising.

Standardly, he's somewhere between upbeat and calm. It takes a lot for something to get to his head... or another freaking awakening of Dark Gaia. Whichever comes first.

Powers, Abilities, And Skills

Emmet is actually a pyrokinetic. However, not only does he rarely use these powers on a regular basis, but most of those occasional uses are imitations of the famous Shoryuken and the infamous Falcon Punch.

Besides this, all the standard techniques are here: Homing Attack, Spin Dash, Insta Shield, Super Peel Out... but no Light Dash or Boost. Hey, he looks like Classic Sonic - what did you expect?

Instead of always using a super form, Emmet often chooses to hold onto the power of the Emeralds for when it is required. Though some of that energy is bound to leak out by itself.

Most Powerful Attack: Ultimate Falcon Punch. Imitates the finale of the F-Zero Anime.


He's a bit of a "my-way-or-the-high-way" kind of guy. He makes assumptions too quickly, and thinks too much about the past. Also, he's really allergic to bees (like, "a single sting on the shoulder could make him faint" allergic). Otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary... though stuff like this can push him off, over, and out the edge in an instant.


Likes: Creativity, anything related to the Falcon Punch, the occasional swim, Pac-Man, and the fact that 100 rings gets you an extra life.

Dislikes: Stereotypical Sonic OCs (a kinda-example being Transford The Hedgehog, who he has been rivals with since the events of SFW The Movie), kites with actual spikes on them, brogres, over-the-top villans (for being over-the-top), and how the electric shield didn't give you a double jump in the Sonic Adventure games.


Allies: Sanuq The Hedgehog, Leo Prower, Bean the Dynamite, Big the Cat, and the Recolor Police.

Rivals: Lightning The Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Dash The HedgehogTransford The Hedgehog, and Holly The Cat (hollythecat12).

Enemies: The Trolls (with a few exceptions), BloodSonya, and Obsidian the Hedgechidna. Occasionally, he's been known to be enemies with the also-heroic AmthorTombrynok the Hedgegod, though this is mainly because LOOK AT THAT ARTICLE AND TELL ME YOU CAN'T SEE HOW EMMET HATES THIS FREAKING JOKE CHARACTER.


"We go through stuff like this every other day."

Theme Song

"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen

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