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SanguisVox is the Moebian equivalent of BloodSonic.


SanguisVox appears as a dark red hedgehog with 6 spines and 2 bangs, each with a light blue streak along it. His skin and muzzle match the colour of his fur, and his eyes are light blue with black sclera. He wears black pants and blue/black shoes.


Similar to BloodSonic, SanguisVox is jovial, sarcastic, and light-hearted, rarely taking things seriously. However, unlike Blood, his attitude is self-focused. Power is his driving force, and his only true desire. As such, he rarely spends time with others except to fight them, or to issue challenges. Vox is shown to be insecure, as when facing an opponent who could cause him to use up more power than he wants, he begins to panic.

Due to his mental processing and signaling speeds being instantaneous, Vox is highly adaptable with a reaction time that defies almost all speed.


Unlike Blood, Vox was simply created as a being that would seek power, so much so that he would one day become a God. Because of this, Vox grew the belief that, because of his agelessness and power, he was truly immortal, and had no need for the scientists that created him. He slaughtered them, destroyed their experiments, and left to follow his primary instinct - Gain power.

Quickly, he discovered the power that was Anarchy Beryl, at first through rumors and hearsay. While Vox could hardly fit in with his fellow Moebians in appearance, his desire for power helped him become accepted into a group of bandits. Through a series of successful raids and attacks, stealing whatever they could, Vox quickly became a rising star among criminals. He became notorious for turning many bad assaults into successes, and for escaping traps with few injuries. Though this did eventually grant him the power of fear, it didn't grant him his true desire - The power he was created for. The power of Gods.

As time went on, Vox's only grew more frustrated with the lack of true power he could acquire. His mood turned one winter night, when an attack on a passing noble turned sour. The cargo being escorted was a large cache of Anarchy Beryl, which one of the guards used to empower himself and defeat the bandits. With Vox left alone to fight this Super Moebian, he was not afraid, but overjoyed. By accessing the power of the Beryl himself, Vox finally attained true power, allowing him to slaughter the guards, the noble, and take the Beryl.

Kidnapping various people said to know things about Beryl, Vox slowly gained information on his new ticket to Godhood. Over time, his efforts turned entirely towards Anarchy Beryl, amassing as much of it as he could, while always carrying some and always drawing strength from it. Because of his single-mindedness, his fellow criminals began to lose trust and faith in him, eventually leading to their own deaths. This end of his bandit life lead Vox to discover his ability to sense unmined Anarchy Beryl and draw more power from it.

This total fascination with Beryl and power overcame Vox immediately, causing him to isolate himself to truly draw on Anarchy Beryl's power, emerging every few weeks to find the most skilled fighter nearby and fight them to the death. With every victory, his faith in Anarchy Beryl and belief in his power grew as much as his reliance on Beryl did. It wasn't until years later that he saw the trade off for using Beryl - the drain on the person once the Beryl's power given is used up.

With this realization, Vox panicked. He knew that as soon as his power ran out, the amount of power he had drawn from Beryl over the years would drain him far too much for him to ever recover from. In his panic, Vox decided his only option was to keep drawing power from Anarchy Beryl, to increase his reserve of energy so that he couldn't run out, or at least, would be far too powerful for any strong being to stop him from doing so.

Vox spent nearly 2000 years isolated, drawing more and more from Anarchy Beryl. He came to understand the power's limits and benefits well, finally discovering that such a power could not grant him his purpose - Godhood. Not willing to give up on his goal so easily, Vox decided the only way to attain the power he desired was to seek out others with powers beyond Anarchy Beryl. He found no such being on Moebius, and so gave up hope on Godhood, returning to his isolation to grow his power and his anger, thinking that one of them would be as close as he could get.

After countless ages alone, he was discovered by Moebians who also desired the secrets of Anarchy Beryl. Desiring to test his strength after so long simply gathering power, he was surprised when he easily slaughtered the other Moebians, all empowered by Anarchy Beryl, with an infinitesimal loss in power, which was quickly replenished and even surpassed. Though he held no hopes of becoming a God any time soon, Vox decided it was time for him to end his isolation and reassert his dominance over the land.

They joy of his youth returned to him as he began his one-man crusade of death across Moebius, selecting only those with either the power or the valor to challenge him, and swiftly ending their challenge. He had no remorse, no compassion, no sympathy for those in his path to power. He now felt like he had a place, a reason to fight, only to kill because he can. His slow, careful, selective rampage continued for years to come.

His true test came at the hands of his Mobian counterpart, BloodSonic, a test which he has yet to complete. On one particularly empty day for Vox, who had been unable to find anybody willing or able to fight him, a portal between worlds opened up. Blood stepped out, and the two immediately became struck with awe at the other. Few words were exchanged before they came to blows, joy and adrenaline flooding their minds as they battled with all their might. For one time in his life, Vox knew a true battle, and it was glorious to him.

Blood, however, was thinking more about victory than the fight, and so spent time and effort on bringing him to Mobius during the battle - A detail which heavily concerned Vox. The fight raged on Mobius as it had on Moebius, though the two had taken to talking during the battle. Vox came to realize that Blood had translated his name from it's original Latin out of choice, wanting to change with the times,while Vox had chosen not to so as to make himself further memorable. Additionally, he saw Blood's lack of reliance on any one power and grew not only jealous, but enraged. How could this fool who had discarded his original purpose be closer to Godhood than him?

The minute Blood unleashed his full power, Vox stopped the fight. He said that while his counterpart was the greatest challenge he had ever faced, if Blood were to continue fighting as he was, Vox would inevitably kill him, which for once, was not what he wanted. He could not feel any Anarchy Beryl nearby, and so asked to be returned to Moebius, telling Blood he would only kill him if he either fulfilled his purpose in doing so, or died in the process. Neither would be achieved in this fight, though Vox left Blood with the challenge of becoming stronger for their next fight.

Upon returning to Moebius, Vox knew he could not simply sit around and gather power from Anarchy Beryl - He had to fight for a greater strength. Not knowing what that strength could or would be, he met Striker, who became his apprentice. The two fought on many occasions, though Vox never saw Striker as more than someone to pity, someone he would not kill regardless of how much either of them wanted it.



Unlike Blood, Vox's power is simply over Chaos Energy, and as time has gone on, he has absorbed much power from Anarchy Beryl on Moebius, and even done many experiments to counteract the negative effects of Beryl. His efforts bore fruit, when he discovered that he could simply absorb Chaos Energy directly from the planet, due to it's abundance of Anarchy Beryl, permanently and continuously increasing his own power.


Because of Vox's focus on power and battle, he is far more skilled in combat than Blood. In one instance, Blood remarked that his own skills were like beginner's steps for Vox. This is due to the fact that the speed of his mental processes and signals are instantaneous, meaning that he is instantly able to see his opponent's movements as they make them and react at the same instant. Because of this, he is also able to perfectly mimic someone else's movements.


Vox has several weaknesses.

  • Because he has no direct connection with the Chaos Force, he cannot use Chaos techniques without a counterpart to Anarchy Beryl, and can not continue to increase and replenish his energy away from Moebius. Additionally, because of his reliance on Anarchy Beryl, he suffers the weaknesses of Moebian Chaos Energy, that being that once his energy is used up, it severely drains him. Should he begin to use up enough energy, it's draining effect would only snowball, eventually draining him of his very soul.
  • His instantaneous reaction speed makes him difficult to battle head on, as he can see an attack coming and dodge before his opponent knows they are making a move. This capability can be easily circumvented via stopping time, which also causes him to panic.
  • When in a disadvantageous situation, Vox is panicky. This can be played upon through either of his other weaknesses, which causes him to pay less attention to his opponents. This severely cuts down on his reaction time and causes him to waste time and energy on bad decisions.
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