Sanguine Pasternack
Sanguine Redux
400 years old (born November 1st, 1612)
Hemokinesis, enhanced speed and strength, demonic powers
Unknown, all deceased
Otchayaniye (sword)
"Do not underestimate me, mortal, for I am more powerful than you can imagine."
"I am no ordinary vampire. I am your worst nightmare."

Sanguine Pasternack is a vampiric Russian mammal of unknown type, although he is thought to be a sort of fox-squirrel hybrid. Sanguine is a master of deception and is a powerful fighter when he needs to be, he has a strong dislike for Hachiman, although he does respect some aspects of him, such as his overall positive personality, while Sanguine is either very angry or very depressed.


Sanguine stands at 6'1ft ad hads long, grey hair covering his face and back. He has a small puff of fluff on his chest, which is tinted blood red, as are the tips of his hair, ears and his long tail. He has yellow eyes and a blood red nose. He's not a particularly muscular character, but due to his vampire and demonic heritage, he is able to flip cars with ease despite his scrawny appearance.

He usually wears an attire consisting of a purple vest, a dark belt with a cracked skull buckle, and a pair of long, dark purple trousers that tend to sag around his ankles. However, sometimes he has been known to wear a long overcoat and some armour occasionally, to reflect and display his heritage of being from a vampire cult.


Early Life

Sanguine was born as the prince of a Russian vampire cult, known as the Kul't Oskverneniye. His mother was a vampire priestess, while his father was a demonic entity known as Daedalus, who was summoned by the vampire cult in order to bring about a "dark messiah". Sanguine was concieved that night, and for the next nine months, the cult gathered bodies of injured soldiers and warriors for Sanguine to feast on. When he arrived, the cult worshipped him like a god, and believes him the spawn of a vampire god.

Sanguine grew up learning how to fight, as he was sent to kill Russian soldiers so he could support himself, and also fight off vampires who challenged his royalty. Due to his demonic heritage, he found it easy to fight off challengers, though nonetheless he needed training.

One night, during his training, Russian soldiers stormed the cult's headquarters, and proceeded to burn the place and kill every last vampire they could find, in hoping to stop the brutal murders and kidnappings that were occuring. Sanguine was furious and attempted to fight the soldiers, his skills displaying impressive power, but he could not save his kin from being slain by the soldiers. Eventually, he escaped and saved himself.


Sanguine managed to escape from the Russian soldiers and spent his time in hiding. As he grew older, he found himself needing to feed more often, and decided this was the change he needed in order to exact revenge against those who slaughtered his clan that night.

He spent months killing soldiers and their families, and taking their possessions for himself. He felt good about doing this, as he felt they deserved to be slaughtered for what they did to K'ult Oskverneniye. However, he later realized that the guards would've been under the orders of the Church, and so he plots his revenge against priests as well.

After successfully killing the worshippers of a small church and cornering it's head priest, Sanguine decides to carve the symbol of K'ult Oskverneniye into his chest while he still breathed, and would proceed to whisper into his ears that his God is not there to save him, and that only Hell awaits him for allowing his followers to die. He drank from the priest and then returned to the darkness.

For the next four centuries, he rinsed and repeated this process, eventually having to take a few months hibernation every year. This was to stop himself from going completely insane. Eventually, he would reach the modern day where depression would affect him sorely, missing his clan and wanting to get to know his father, Daedalus. However, he would be approached by a demonic dragon, known as Araki, who would offer him absolute power of the mortal realm if he got rid of a certain individual; Hachiman Shin-Ha.


Sanguine soon found and discovered Hachi for the first time. A lone warrior, a demonslayer who was part of a samurai clan that now lies in ruins. He figured they were not to different, but he set the past aside in order for power. He walked straight up to Hachi and sent him flying.

Sanguine and Hachi would soon fight atop a mountain range, fiercely and mercilessly, while they exchanged stories of their feats and what their goals in life were. Hachi claimed his goal was to get revenge on the dragon that slew him clan, hoping to make the world a brighter place. Sanguine replied that his goal was to gain power and control all of Earth in order to exact revenge on mankind.

While the battle was mainly in Sanguine's favour, Hachi would access a percent of the Rage Gene inside him, and also his machine strength. With this, Sanguine was surprised by Hachi's sudden power raise, and was severely injured when Hachi launched a strike to the gut, sending Sanguine back. Although it did not take long for Sanguine to recover, and he charged back at Hachi, only for Hachi to kick him straight into the side of the mountain, where Sanguine would remain frozen.

After a year, Sanguine managed to break out from his icy prison, and he decided he would hunt down and kill Hachi, seeing him as the embodiment of everything he despises, and yet somehow, he would respect Hachi a little in his goals, and Hachi saw how alike he and him really were, although this would not stop them from being enemies.


Sanguine is a selfish character, caring only for his own needs unless they are from his master or demons of higher authority. He takes pride in his heritage, often feeling incredibly insulted when somebody makes racist remarks against demons, vampires or his home country, Russia. He is also greedy and wrathful, not likely to let down against somebody who has insulted him. He is in effect the worst kind of being, being lusftul as he knows he can't have kids, greedy so that he can enjoy his eternity, violent when somebody refuses him, gluttonous for blood and flesh, eternally angry at those who mock or hurt him, and fraudulous, often handing over fake artefacts or objects to those who he finds undeserving. However, he is loyal to his heritage, and will stop at nothing to protect the pride of his heritage or his masters.

He suffers from a terrible case of pyrophobia, despite fire not actually being able to harm him. It is down to how his kin died that causes his fear of fire and flames, and he will not associate with fire at all because of this. He tend to think fire-users are teasing or mocking him when they use their fire powers, though he will admit that he overreacts.

Powers and Abilities


Sanguine has the power to control blood, and other bodily fluids. He is able to either boil, pressurize or cool the water inside somebody's body, and thus kill them in the process. He is also able to extract the liquids out of his targets, via causing somebody's blood to act like a knife and slice through flesh on the inside. He is also able to crush somebody's organs with a simple hand gesture if he so desired. He is also able to lift victims into the air with this art. Currently he is trying to study the art of performing psychic hemokinesis, in which no movement or motion is needed. He is also able to control his own blood and fluids.


Otchayaniye is the name of the large, demonic claymore carried by Sanguine. The sword was given to Sanguine's cultist kin by his demonic father, Daedalus. The blade itself is indestructable, and impossible to damage. However, it's destructive potency can be decreased by holy sights or places, as well as religious rituals. The blade is actually a sentient creature that feeds off the blood of those it has slain, with the blade absorbing blood.

Incubus Form

Sanguine's Incubus Form, also known as Sin, is the form he takes when he allows his blade, Otchayaniye, to take control of his body, which would be when Sanguine is at his weakest. The Incubus Form allows Sanguine to control all sorts of kinesis, including hemokinesis, which is his primary technique before he assum
Sanguine Incubus

Sanguine in his Incubus Form

ed Incubus Form. He is also able to control the dead, using armies of zombies to his advantage. Unlike most powered forms that are incredibly strong yet very powerful, Sin is both intelligent and strong, and very tactical in battle, using his own arsenal of powers as well as the environment around him. The form is not permanent, however it does tend to last for a long time. It will either time out after a long amount of time, or will deactivate if it has taken too much punishment.


  • Sanguine was named after an enemy in AdventureQuest Worlds, who was a vampire that worked for the fifth Lord of Chaos, a Werepyre called Wolfwing.
  • Sanguine's sword, Otchayaniye, comes from the Russian word for despair, отчаяние.
  • Sanguine shares traits of vampires from several fictional universes, such as the fact he can walk in daylight due to his heritage (Blade).
  • Strangely, despite being a vampire, Sanguine has the appearance of a canid or wolf.
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