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This is a page about Sandy the Leopard, a character created by Wikikinetic

Sandy is a cheery, chronokinetic (time-manipulating) leopard. A childhood incident involving Chaos Energy and an ordinary hourglass gave Sandy a warped physique and the power to rewind time, the latter of which Sandy aspires to use to save the world.


Sandy is a female leopard with a magically distorted figure, making her torso literally look like an hourglass. Her tail shape resembles that of an African leopard, while her complexion resembles an Indian leopard. She wears a custom cyan top made to fit her unique figure, a normal cyan skirt, a pair of azure knee-high boots (including a pair of socks, completely covered by the boots), and a pair of azure elbow-high gloves. She has azure hair in a ponytail with a cyan band to keep it back. Her eyes have violet irises, and she has a black nose.


Sandy is a bubbly and exuberant teenager who tends to get very excited about all sorts of things, especially adventures. However, she also tends to get embarrassed easily, partly because her mouth sometimes works faster than her mind. Her embarrassment will sometimes cause her to undo embarrassing events, causing even more embarrassment as everyone still remembers what happened. She is slightly extroverted, and likes to spend time with her friends; however, she does not appreciate attention from large crowds. This leads to her finding her own newsworthiness embarrassing, which occasionally makes her shy around strangers. She enjoys drawing, and spends most of her free time doing so.

Strengths and Powers

Sandy has the power to reverse time by rotating her tail counterclockwise, moving time back to a previous second but leaving everyone’s memories intact. Moving time back for more than 2 seconds at a time exhausts Sandy, while doing so for 3 seconds at a time completely exhausts her. Moving time back 2 seconds or fewer several times in quick succession does not completely exhaust her; however, it does take its toll, and optimally should not be done with fewer than 5 seconds between uses.

Sandy's time-manipulation powers apply to an area of a city block or so around her; large enough to encompass the entirety of a normal battle, but not large enough that, if Sandy were in a city, it would affect an entirely unrelated part of the city. (This has been added to avoid Sandy's powers potentially affecting roleplays that she is not a part of, as well as many other similar, but undesirable situations.)

As Sandy's tail rotating counterclockwise is what allows her to turn back the clock, she cannot reverse time if her tail is confined. Her tail can be forced counterclockwise (with great difficulty) by people other than herself; this has the same effects (both positive and negative) that her doing it herself does.

When Sandy rewinds time, her tail moves counterclockwise at a speed of 1 revolution per minute rewound. When not rewinding time, Sandy’s tail rotates clockwise at 1 revolution per minute, making it possible for it to be synchronized perfectly to the second hand on a clock; Sandy tries to keep her tail synchronized whenever possible. Confining her tail does not stop time moving forward, but does mess up this synchronization, annoying Sandy.

Besides Sandy’s time-related powers, she also has moderate skill in fighting, using punching as her main form of combat. Sandy very rarely attaches large, blunt objects to her tail and hits people with them, but this is only used on people to the right of her to avoid reversing time. Sandy also has quick reflexes, which is helpful when fighting; however, she cannot process subtle information quickly, and takes some time to come up with useful plans (which she is capable of doing, provided enough time).


Sandy lived a normal life until the age of 11, when she got lost and discovered an azure hourglass. While trying to find her way home, she accidentally passed through a battle and (also accidentally) got zapped by Chaos Energy, with the only visible consequence being the mysterious disappearance of the hourglass.

After Sandy eventually got home, her life continued to be normal, except for her physical development; by the time she was 13 years old, the center of her torso had become incredibly narrow, and her hair had turned azure. This got her into the local news, which she found slightly embarrassing.

Sandy didn’t discover her chronokinesis until around the age of 14, when a mysterious assassin looking into peculiar phenomena invaded her backyard to capture her for examination. When her mother tried to intervene, the assassin shot her mother. The horrified Sandy managed to tap into her latent chronokinesis, returning the bullet to the gun; the confused would-be murderer then ran away, deciding that the whole scene had been a very confusing dream. (His boss was not happy about this, but that’s a separate topic.)

After this incident, Sandy started experimenting with her newfound powers, getting her into the news (again) and making her realize her own power. Sandy then vowed to protect the innocent if a crisis should ever arrive and keep easily embarrassed people from getting into the news.


This character's sixstat code is 225631

  • Health: 2 – Sandy doesn't have much resistance to attacks.
  • Damage: 2 – Sandy doesn't deal much damage, despite her small amount of training herself to get better at fighting.
  • Speed: 5 – Sandy moves quickly, largely due to her unusually low weight, letting her attack and dodge frequently.
  • Reflexes: 6 – Sandy has very fast reflexes. These plus Sandy's time-rewinding powers let her notice an opponent's weakness and exploit it almost before they know what hit them.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Sandy takes a while to come up with good plans, but can come up with acceptable plans on the fly, so on the field, her intelligence is going to seem around average.
  • Regen: 1 – Sandy recovers from damage slowly, so hitting her is going to make her hurt for a while.

Fun Facts

  • Sandy's name and hourglass shape are both related to a certain metaphor, where sand going through an hourglass is representative of the passage of time.
  • Sandy is my absolute first character ever. I can't keep track of when any of my other characters were created in relation to each other, but Sandy was definitely the first.


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