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Sandy Vanessa Corliss
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November 7th
Flowers, Ice cream cake, the ocean and going to the beach.
Favorite Food
Baked Ziti, Pizza, Ice Cream Cake

Sandy is a small child and the adoptive daughter of Pearl The Echidna. She is the birth daughter of Vanessa The Echidna, a friend of Pearl's who unfortunately passed away while giving birth. Pearl named Sandy after her mother, and raised her along with Smash. She is still a kid, but she is rather well mannered and very cheerful. She knows little about her true mother.

When Pearl is away on an adventure with the gang, either Smash's wife, Luna or her sister, Shada will look after her. She gets along well with Smash's children, and they look up to her as a big sister.

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Sandy The Echidna

Sandy is an orange echidna with soft, smooth hair and skyblue eyes. Pearl often fixes up her hair to resemble both Smash's and her mother's hairstyles, with the two bangs on the top of her head. Her outfits may very, but she usually wears a blue dress with a white skirt, or a white dress with a long blue skirt and short blue sleeves. Her shoes are blue with two white straps.


Sandy The Echidna3

Sandy, by Wingsz

Sandy is a very curious, yet cheerful child. She likes to follow people around, and doesn't like to be alone. She is rather well mannered and polite for her age, and isn't very easy to anger; her positive nature makes it very easy for her to make friends. She's a sweet and innocent little girl with little knowledge of the world around her. She loves traveling to different places, and seeing something or meeting someone new every day. Her favorite place to visit is the beach in Greenflower City; even more so after learning how to swim.

Though she's very open and friendly, she is easily embarrassed and can be very bashful and shy at times.

Strengths and Powers

Due to being such a young child, she isn't shown to have many strengths or talents. She can read and write, although her penmanship is terrible. She learned how to make sandwiches from her mother, and she was taught to swim by her aunt, Shada.

General Info

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Sandy and Pearl, by Sugarpie

Sandy's true mother, Vanessa the Echidna, passed away after giving birth to her. Her only remaining family rejected her, due to Vanessa being sentenced to prison and them not wanting anything to do with a "criminal's daughter". Not wanting to see her get sent to the Black Rose Orphanage, Pearl took her under her wing at the early age of 14. Of course, she struggled to raise her on her own, and ultimately relied on her brother, Smash, and her best friend Violet's parents for help. While it was complicated and hard, she managed to raise her successfully.

Sandy has lived with Pearl and Smash ever since. After Smash married and moved into the city, she simply stuck by Pearl who moved back and forth between their old house and Smash's new one. With new aunts to look after her, Pearl was able to rely on them to babysit her whenever she was needed elsewhere. Smash's wife, Luna, treated Sandy as if she were her own child. And after having kids herself, Sandy acted as the big sister to her baby cousins.

Now old enough to be out on her own, she often takes walks around the city and sometimes drops in to visit her mother's friends. She has a curfew though, and isn't allowed to be out for longer than two hours unless its known that she's over at a friend's house, and must be home by sunset.


Sandy The Echidna2

Chibi Sandy, by LilynCookies

Sandy's had a pretty bumpy history. She originated in the fanfic written by Alestar13, as the daughter of one of her characters. She had Pearl adopt her, and raised her with Smash's help for the rest of the story. She appeared in a roleplay sometime later, where she was about 3-4 years old. But that was her last appearance; Seeing how she technically belonged to Alestar, I didn't bother to use her anywhere else. That was a big mistake, as she nearly disappeared from the entire series.

While planning out the Series Re-write, I decided that I would make Sandy fit into the whole story from now on. And thus, here she is.


Shows where the characters have made an appearance.


Sally's Treachery / The Sad Tale of Neo and Jenny: Her debut. This is where she was born.

The End of the World?: Her second canonical appearance before she vanished from the original series.


Memories of David The Echidna: It's shown that during all that time since the The Mystery of Skull Cross until Chapter 10 that she was on vacation with her aunt. She returns in time for a small dinner party Smash and Pearl were holding.

Relationships with Other Characters

Characters by the same creator


Pearl The Echidna

Pearl is her adoptive mother since birth, and the only mother she knew. Pearl treats her with utmost care, and Sandy loves her dearly. Pearl was inspired to learn how to make Ice Cream Cake, just for her. It used to be a favorite dessert that her own mother would make for her.

Smash The Echidna

Smash is her uncle, and the one who really took care of her in her infant years, as Pearl was still rather young herself. She sees him as a wise, strong uncle who keeps her safe. She used to run up and cling to his leg whenever she felt scared or insecure.


Violet The Hedgehog

Growing up around her, Sandy has grown to like Violet a lot.

Crystal The Fox

Though she doesn't see her often, Sandy was very intrigued by her and her chao while growing up.

Other characters

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Luna The Hedgehog

Her aunt and Smash's wife. Luna often babysits her when Pearl is away. She has kids of her own, and lets her play with them.

Shada The Hedgehog

Her other aunt, and Luna's sister. She loves kids very much, and likes to babysit her in place of Luna. Sometimes she'll come over just to visit her and Luna's children.


Speedy The Hedgehog

Aside from Smash and Pearl, Speedy was one of the first people Sandy ever laid eyes on. Over time, she's grown a bit attached to him. She even refers to him as 'Uncle Speedy', which makes him feel all kinds of awkward.

Jenny The Hedgehog

She was also one of the first people Sandy met. She doesn't remember her too well, but she still kind of knows her. She unfortunately is not aware that Jenny is dead.

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