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Mundo Clow
The Sandy Oasis been around longer then anyone could remember,it being home to the golden angels.They are friendly and wise in the old arts and kept their home alive for centuries,even today.Here,Sparkle learns of her orgins,learned her powers better and her birth parents.In the end of Sonic Orgins,she decided to stay with her foster parents but still visit her real parents with her children.


Mainly golden angels are born here since none have travel beyond their home.


A place located in the desert covered by a rock formation,it have maket places,homes and the palance in the center.The 1st light angels saw the formation as a way to shield them from sand storms,so many years,their kind lived.


For those who can't fly are given camels to ride and small boats to ride in the water ways,this also includes young angels who haven't learn to fly yet till they learn.During Sonic Orgins,the Chaos Patrol used portals to travel there.


The locals learned magic with the power of light,and those of the royal family control the light at will,using it as a way to fight and to help them in the dark.


The place has plenty of water ways to which people fish and they raise their own food and clothes,wearing arabian wear with traces of yellow and gold.


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