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Sandstorm Arbiters
Organization Information

Guardian group

Also known as

Duamutef Nassor - Unofficial leader of the Sandstorm Arbiters

HeadquartersSandstorm Sanctuary
Enemy organizations

The Sandstorm Arbiters are a group of six Mobians who live in the Sandstorm Sanctuary, a massive temple that is located in the Desert Ocean Zone.



It is unknown exactly when the Sandstorm Arbiters were formed, but Duamutef Nassor undeniably had a hand in their creation. According to the Arbiters, they had lived in the Sandstorm Sanctuary ever since they were children, although this has not been confirmed.

Secret of the Sands


The Sandstorm Arbiters will not attack without provocation, but, given that they spend almost all of their time in the massive Sandstorm Sanctuary, all outsiders are seen as potential intruders, and may be forcefully removed from the area by the Sandstorm Arbiters.

Generally they prefer to not resort to violence, if at all possible. However, this is not to say they are incapable of defending themselves; if any intruder shows themselves to be violent, or if it's clear that they wish to breach the walls of the Sandstorm Sanctuary, then the Arbiters will fight them off to the best of their ability.


All six of the Sandstorm Arbiters are capable of hand-to-hand combat and expertise with the weapon they choose to wield. They are also capable of wielding one element each.

Asenath the Scarab

She wields a spatha in combat, and is capable of Geokinesis. Unlike Nabile, who can fly for fairly long periods of time, Asenath is only capable of hovering a bit.

Nabile the Vulture

She wields a longbow in combat, and is capable of Aerokinesis. Unlike Asenath, who can only hover a bit, Nabile is capable of flying for fairly long periods of time.

Garai the Jackal

He wields a glaive in combat, and is capable of Electrokinesis.

Kamuzu the Crocodile

He wields a quarterstaff in combat, and is capable of Hydrokinesis. He is also a skilled healer and medic.

Oubastet the Cat

He wields a shamshir in combat, and is capable of Solarakinesis. He is the brother of Sakhmet.

Sakhmet the Cat

She wields a khopesh in combat, and is capable of Spectrakinesis. She is the sister of Oubastet.

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