Sandra O'Pecky the Flicky is a elderly citizen of Olara. She is the wife of Kenneth O'Pecky the Flicky and grandmother of Clementine and Roger the Flickies. She is an award winning gardener who prides herself on neatness and nurturing. She is a kind old woman and is very generous.


Sandra always lived in Olara. Back in her prime, she was a dancer, but eventually suffered a tail injury. She eventually picked up on gardening, a past time of her mother. She became enticed with the art from there. She now takes care of her garden, husband, and grandchildren. After her children died in a flight accident, Sandra became the legal guardian of Clementine and Roger.


Sandra is a kind and caring elder. She is very wise, and very compassionate. She loves to feel useful, but hates feeling useless. She is always busy taking care of something. She is quicky to take a motherly role. She will sometimes soak in the memories of her youthful past, but does enjoy her current life. She is still madly in love with Kenneth, but worries about him.


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