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The Sand Empire is a prominent civilization located in the middle of Soumerca. It is featured in Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero.

Debuting in The Blook-Soaked Empress, the Sand Empire is an ancient empire of hyenas that once dominated the Scorched Dunes, the Soumerican desert, before its golden age eventually came to a decline. Its capital city, relished with poverty and famine, is the only one that remains standing.

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The Sand Empire is well-known in history books, but neglected in recent times.

The annals of history describe the Sand Empire as a ferocious, warrior civilization whose inhabitants had a culture for fighting. Such empire explanded across the entire desert. Using their advanced scavenging traits, the spotted hyenas were the first ones to use Rainbow Dust as weaponry. Giving them supernatural capabilities, the Sand Empire dominated anyone who opposed them in the past.

The creation of the such empire predated written history. Its fiery name was coined by its strongest warrior, who later became the first leader and preceeded many generations of emperors.

Due to current precarious living conditions, the population was originally in favor of insurgent groups that planned on restoring the empire's glory by taking over parts of the desert that were theirs in the past. The terrorist group led by the empress, the Inferno Bandits, has a vast number of members. Yet, as the situation became uncontrollably gruesome, the general population began having doubts about their methods.

Blood-Soaked Imperials

Despite being in poverty and famine, not all of their customs were lost. Blood lineage alone was worthless when it came to pick the next generation's leader. All empresses needed to bear twelve possible heirs. As the last heir born matured, the siblings would have to undergo a battle-royale and battle each other to the death. The remaining victor would be crowned emperor and be trained accordingly.

Since the birth and maturing of the last imperial heir are what triggers the battle-royale, they are always dreaded in the imperial families. These have gotten the nicknames of blood-soaked imperials.

Significant Residents

There are multiple residents of note in the Sand Empire featured in the series.

  • Inferno Bandits
    • Zahra the Hyena: The current empress and the blood-soaked imperial of her generation.
    • Ember the Hyena: Zahra's right-hand subordinate. Admin of the Inferno Bandits.

Notable Areas

  • The Last Capital: The little of territory that remains from the once glorious Sand Empire. Living conditions are precarious for commoners, even though it is gradually increasing due to Zahra's efforts.
    • Stone Palace: Where the imperial family lived throughout the generations. It is notably much more sofisticated than other structures from the capital. Has statues of previous emperors.
    • Great Library: Located within the Stone Palace, it is a library full of books and recordings about ages past regarding the Sand Empire. It has been neglected by all except for one.
    • Stone Colosseum: The quintissential fighting arena, all created by ancient emperors. The imperial battle royales are located here. It has a strong stench of blood that the residents do not mind.
    • Inferno Bandits' Hideout: Located underground. Has three pathways which ultimately lead to a room that is directly beneath the Stone Colloseum. It has been partially destroyed.