Sand Armor is a genetic technique.


Sand Armor is a passive ability, which activates when the possessor's level of adrenaline reaches a certain point. The user uses an external supply of sand, which forms a layer of armor over the person's body, with the sandy coating thicker around the person's weak points, essentially making a hit to any vital points on them nearly twice as difficult for someone to achieve. With training in Sand, the user can control the technique to a point, as well as learn an active version of the same technique (which lacks the effect of lowering the rate of injuries to vital organs). People with the genetic ability Super Luck have a standard rate of striking the weak points on a user of this technique, while any impact on the weak spot itself can cause a flash of white light and cause the armor to disintegrate.

As well as the aforementioned side to the ability, anyone possessing the ability typically has the ability to instinctively wield the advanced element of Sand to the same level as others would be able to wield Earth.


  • Duamutef Nassor - it is likely that his entire lineage possessed this ability, as well as Sunamancy.


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Derived Techniques

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  • Armor of Sand - Designed to work in the same principle as the defensive half of this ability, but without the focus on defending the user's weak points.

Technique Rank

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