Sandā the Hedgehog
Christmas Island
Super speed

Enhanced durability
Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes
Minor super strength
Enhanced jump
Uncanny planning ability
Hand-to-hand combat skills
Indomitable will
Chaos Powers

  • Harnessing Chaos Energy
  • Hyper Mode initiation
  • Super transformation
Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails and Amy
Power, Killing, Betrayal, his girlfriend and his son
His brother, Shadow, Tails and Amy
Voice Actor
Steven Blum

Sandā the Hedgehog is the older brother of Sonic and the main villian of Sonic: Rebirth.


Much like Sonic, he has blue fur, but is darker, has paler skin, has spiker hair, has a right green eye and a demonic yellow left eye with a scar on it. He wears black shoes and white gloves. He has also an electrical aura. His height is around the same as Cream's mother.


Unlike his carefree, laid-back and peace-loving brother, Sandā is a ruthless, aggressive, wild, violent, remorseless, merciless, mean, bitter and cold-blooded killer.  His speed is also matched by his hunger for power as he is willing to do things Sonic would never do, wheather it to be killing or betraying his allies. Despite this, the only people he ever cared was his dead girfriend, Dr. Eggman, his partner later wife and his son. The reason for his ruthless is because of his hatred with the humans, because they destroyed his family and his town.


Much like Sonic, Sandā was born on Christmas Island. Right after Sonic was born, his hometown was attacked by a powerful empire that killed his mother and separated the rest of his family (whom he presumed was also killed). Alone and angry, Sandā sought out vengeance against the group that took everything from him, it was there that during a thunderstorm the young Hedgehog found the chaos emeralds and accidentally harnessed their power, turning him Super, then he was struck by lighting while transformed, as a result Sandā unwillingly absorbed enough of the Emerald's negative energy that it left him in a berserk like rage while in Super Form and could transform at anytime durring a thunderstorm by absorbing volts of lighting or electricity. Afterwards, the Super powered Sandā went to the capital of the empire that attacked his hometown and destroyed  whatever traces of civilization he could find.   (More to come)


Sandā's speed is greater than Sonic's, but is slower thand Shadow. He has the same abilites as his brother, but when running, charging and performing a homing attack, his aura crackles with surges of electricity.


Super Sandā 

Much like Sonic, Silver and Shadow, Sandā  can transform by harnessing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. However, after using them once, he can transform at anytime as long as it's powered by Lighting. Unlike Sonic, Shadow and Silver's forms, his pupils and irises vanish, has a red and black electrical aura and his teeth are slightly sharpened. His personality also changes, making him more animistic and savage than he already is.


Sonic the Hedgehog

His younger brother and rival.  Sandā  looks down at his brother and considers him weak and naive for his unwillingness to kill. Sonic on the other hand loves his brother despite what he is.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Unlike Sonic, Sandā feels no shred of compassion for Tails and considers him weak.

Amy Rose

Sandā considers Amy to be nothing more than a pest. While Amy often condemns Sandā's ruthless and sadistic nature, she often tries to reason with him, beliving he's not all bad (something Sandā denies).

Shadow the Hedgehog

Despie his rivalary with his brother, Sandā harbors a stronger hatred for Shadow for being stronger and faster than him. His jealousy of Shadow often leads to obession almost to the point of recklessness.

Dr. Eggman

In constrast with Sonic's relationship with Eggman, Sandā is extremely loyal to his brother's nemesis and views him as a father figure of sorts.   


  • He was inspired by Vergil from the Devil May Cry series and Deimos from the God of War series as both characters are brothers of  the protagonist.
  • His personaility is similar to Vegeta and Broly from the Dragon Ball Z series.
  • Sandā means Thunder in Japanese, due to his electrical aura and the fact he gets stronger from Lighting to turn Super.
  • Unlike most of Sonic's rivals, Sandā is the only one that's truly evil.
  • Sandā is the first villian in the games that's actually a Hedgehog (not counting Mephiles the Dark since he's a only creature only took on the form of one).
  • Both pictures are recolors of two pictues of Shadic (the fusion of Sonic and Shadow).


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