Sanctuary Lake is a lake with a surrounding forest, and appears as a town with a few underground houses in the Passion series.


The Lake was first created in 1057, when Knuckles Ancient Tribe tried to dig into the earth in search of the Master Emerald, in which they thought their gods had buried it. They never filled it back up, and rain gradually filled it up for them. You are sentenced to death if you set foot there and harm a resident, for it is used for young creatures to get away and hide out, a good place for a criminal to stay. The surrounding forest is beautiful, the sunset amazing every day. No one has been sentenced to death yet, but many have been on trial for it. A few temples are scattered around, where mothers are only allowed to stay, for example if the father threatened to kill them both.


NOTE: There are many other places, but these are the only known or seen ones.
  • Church
  • Chapel
  • Synogauge (Spelling, please???)
  • 3 Monistaries (Spelling again???)
  • Government Spy Agency *Secret Headquarters, only certain people get in*
  • TV Station *Where the shooting for The Sonic Show take place*
  • Zigguarat (like the Sumerians had, but instead of a 1 shrine for many gods, there's lots of shrines for each religion)
  • Market Place
  • Clover's chambers
  • Sanctuary Temples
  • The Lake (DUH)
  • A Bank (Lots of roberies happen because people are kind of poor at Sanctuary Lake)
  • Sanctuary Elementary School, Sanctuary Junior High, and LakeWood High School (There's only a public school, that costs NO MONEY for anything at all ever, but there is a private school being built for those who have enough money to buy textbooks from the market place, and pay for breakfast and lunch)
  • Shining Stars Talent Agency

Places with jobs where you can get MONEY

  • The Government Spy Agency (the thieves get 40% profit of the stuff they steal, but 14% of that 40% has to be donated to religious places and The Schools. More now that a private school's being built.)
  • The TV Station (This is one of the best places to work. They get 70% profit, plus, if they're good actors, they get free food, so they can do whatever with all their money. And they get a LOT. Because 70% is a LOT!
  • The Schools (One of the worse places to work. Whoever works there gets about 20% profit, and that's about 40 bucks because the only money the school gets is 100$ from the Government Spy Agency, and 100$ from the country (which is...?))
  • Shining Stars Talent Agency (A so-so place to work. The teachers there get about 350$ a month, which is a lot for Sanctuary Lake. The students have to pay 100$ to audition, and there are a lot of teachers, so...)
  • The Market Place (The other worst place to work. The profit depends, because the vendors may not get any customers some days. The Vendors sale as varys:
*A clothing vendor, who sales Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus brand stuff for no reason, and also sales fake Ralph Lauren. His brother sales fake Calvin Klein, and his sister sales fake Marc Jacobs.
*A food vendor, who sales mostly apples, carrots, and potatoes, the stuff she knows how to grow. She's considerably poor. She sells frozen pizza and chili if she can get hold of it (and that's when her sales are good).
*A electronics vendor, who gets the most money cuz his stuff is REAL. He sales MP3s, iPods, iPhones, mircrowaves, fridges, mini-fridges, laptops, computers, DVDs, DVD players, VCRs (the cheapest thing he has), VCR players, DVRs, DVR players, CDs (mostly Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, but sometimes Kelly Clarkson and The Fray), CD players, tape recorders, Samsung phones, and tracPhones. His problem is he's too expensive!
*A household vendor, who sales lightbulbs (for the people who can afford electricity), toilets (for the people who can afford water), sinks (again, people who can afford water), TVs, firewood, wood, bricks, windows, doors, door screens, door locks, and a weigher. (not very many options, huh?)

Known Residents


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