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Enhanced strength and speed, advanced morphing/weapons systems, growth powers
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"Ooh, are you being naughty?"
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SANA-160, or just simply known as Sana, is a cyborg fox designed by scientists many years back as an infiltrator and advanced hacking system, who later escaped her imprisonment. She was created with false memories and personality, which were created by the same people who designed her body, which is in the image of the head scientist's deceased wife of the same name.

Sana is a flirty and rather fun-loving female, despite having a child of her own; Unit Shinobu. She erased memories of the father before Unit was born, but ever since he has been around she has shown a rather motherly side to herself, but to him and other young people.


Sana stands at 6'5ft with long, light blue hair that reaches down to her rather long, somewhat fluffy raccoon-like tail. Sana is famous for her rather generous chest and plump lips, which can be seen as desireful to most males, although underneath her dark blue dress is a butterfly formation that can only really be seen when she is excited or angry, in which it lights up a very light blue colour.

Her eyes are without pupils, although it may seem like she has them due to the rings that seem like irises. Her eyes are actually advanced scanning/analysis tools, in which she can store information into her brain, which is an advanced and complex cabbage-sized computer, roughly around the same size as a human brain. Her lipstick colour varies but her eye shadow tends to remain the same light blue colour as her hair. Despite popular belief, she doesn't actually wear make up, but she can control pigments and colouring of her skin and dresses, warping the reality around her somewhat, though not to the extend to cause even minor damage. She is usually seen wearing tall dark blue high-heeled boots.


Early Life

Sana was originally the name of the wife of a famous genetics/robotics scientist who passed away three years before this Sana's creation. The real Sana grew up with the scientist as a life-long friend and had been married for over 25 years, until she passed away of cancer in her lung, which the scientist never forgave himself for, despite it not being his own fault.

Several years after her passing, the scientist was the head of a military project to create bio-weapons, and he proposed the idea of creating an advanced infiltration/hacking system capable of also stunning and/or killing enemies. He was given the permission to perform the project, and named the weapon-to-be SANA-160, after his deceased wife.

The project took roughly two years to complete, but eventually Sana was given life and was taught the basics of need-to-know, as she was installed with a quick learning system, allowing her to learn languages and mannerisms quickly through online surfing (which could be performed by her brain, allowing her to "see" the internet), and through studying and analyzing the environment around her. She learned fast and it wasn't long until she realized her purpose as a weapon. However, at the same time, she met a cyborg rabbit known as Hachi, who had also been assigned to the weapons program. Together, the two of them escaped the laboratory that they were imprisoned in, with Hachi leaving it in ruins after accessing the Rage Gene.

After the ordeal of escaping the lab, Sana claimed that Hachi was the first person she met that wasn't out there to use her as a weapon or some tool, and she also stated that he was cuter than most of the scientists there. This was what started their three year relationship, which led to the creation of Unit Shinobu.


Sana has since broken up with Hachi and erased her memories of him almost completely through a memory wipe, although she later found that she was pregnant with a son, and was confused as to who the father was. Nonetheless, she promised to take care of the boy until he was old enough to fend for himself and hopefully find his daddy.

In the meantime, Sana has taken the video game industry by storm, first making her debut as a cover girl and then making her way to becoming the representative of several gaming companies, earning money for her and her son, taking up residence in a rather large mansion somewhere in Japan, where she sometimes likes to invite her loyal fans for parties and other activities, which her son pays no attention to.


Sana is a rather flirtacious character, to both male and female genders due to the fact she is bi. Sana loves to party and have fun, as well as things. She has an overall dominant personality, liking when people do things for her, while she rewards them generously. Outside of this, Sana will sometimes become a very distressed individual, since she will sometimes imagine the memories of her deceased namesake, giving her the idea she is being haunted by such despite never knowing who she really was.

Powers and Abilities


Sana has the ability to increase the size of any part of her body, as well as her body entirely. The process can either be quick to suit the situation, or slow in order to perhaps distract a target. In terms of height, she can grow to 50ft tall at maximum, which is a considerable amount of growth if one was to look at her usual size of 6'5ft. She gains more strength as she grows, and her peronality enhances to become more dominant.

Enhanced Senses

Due to the fact she was originally built to be an infiltration weapon, her sense of hearing and smell has been increased. Her eyes act as scanning and analysis tools, and can keep information inside her brain like a sort of storage program. Her taste and feeling senses are also more sensitive, which means she can feel more pleasure or pain.


  • Sana was inspired by Cortana from the Halo video game series, and was originally intended to be an AI but was changed to a cyborg.
  • Sana was also based upon the Terminatrix from the Terminator film series.
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