Samuel the Hedgehog is a former resident of the Pyranic Empire who serves as a political agitator after witnessing his home get destroyed by his own home country.

Samuel the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsNone
Physical Description
  • Fur: Green w/ tan skin
  • Hair: Orange-tinted blonde
  • Eyes: Maroon
  • Red tank top
  • Whitewashed blue jeans
  • Blue gloves
  • Black trainers
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Skilled Naturakinetic
  • Basic combat - hand-to-hand
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


A reasonably rough-looking hedgehog, Samuel has green fur and stark, orange-tinted blonde hair on his head which he keeps short, as he does with the stubbly beard on his tan muzzle. His eyes are maroon, and often seem to speak wonders of what he's seen.


Normally, Samuel dresses simply with a red tank top, whitewashed blue jeans, blue gloves and black trainers.


Early Life

Samuel was born to a family in Etria, a city close to the border between the Pyranic Empire and the Terran League. Indeed, the family was nothing special, with no pyrokinetics nor anyone in the military, and due to Etria's location in the Empire, it was never attacked by Soleanna during the earlier war. Both of his parents worked, and for the early years of his life Samuel was cared for during the day by his grandmother, and at night by his parents. Indeed, his childhood and even his teenaged years were uneventful.

Day of Scorched Earth

Of course, nothing like this would last forever, and that day came when Samuel was thirty. His homeland, the Pyranic Empire, launched a blistering assault on the Terran League, burning a swathe through the country in a single day as they took the capital city, forcing the Terran leaders to flee to a further edge of the country, closer to the Empire of the Scarlet Moon's lands. Samuel had been a child born after the war against Soleanna, but he knew that King Napalm Pyrinth, head of the Pyranic Empire, was a devout peace lover. As such, soon after the war, Etria's council, which supported the cause for peace, declared the city and the surrounding lands a separate city-state, an eventuality planned for years. Despite being an active high school teacher, Samuel took on a position in this new 'country', assisting the creation of a legal system.


What the city had never foreseen was the hammer of their former government. Samuel had been on a journey out to the Terran League's government to offer the support of Etria and it's people, including possible future membership to the League, but on his return, the city was in ruins. Nothing remained standing, and as he dug through the rubble for survivors, he was stunned and taken prisoner by soldiers from the Pyranic Empire.

Samuel was brought before the Pyranic Senate, led by the king himself, as well as the queen and Crown Prince Draco. Immediately, the young hedgehog accused every being in the room, bar the king, of ordering the attack on his home. While this was correct, and everybody knew it, Draco covered it up for the cameras televising the event by claiming it was an assault launched by terrorists connected to the Terran League, a retaliatory strike for the Pyran attacks. When Samuel protested, he pointed out that King Napalm was dedicated for peace, while everyone else in the room wanted the Pyranic Empire to cut itself a new swathe of territory. However, with obvious reluctance in his mannerism, Napalm denied this, stating that these events had been agreed on. Samuel was to be executed, by due to his high-profile status, he was instead shipped to a concentration camp, along with other dissenters. It was on the way that a soldier let slip that the attack had been by the army itself, and that there had been no survivors in the actual attack. Distraught, Samuel resigned himself to death.

Rescue & Relocation

The convoy to the concentration camp wasn't quite as well protected as the soldiers believed, with guards being removed one by one by a team of commandos from the Empire of the Scarlet Moon. The leader of these found Samuel, and offered him the same as they'd offered all the other political prisoners - a new life in a safer country. With slight reluctance, Samuel accepted.

Upon arrival at the capital of the Empire, the hedgehog quickly became a public figure, with members of the media often coming to him for information on the Pyranic Empire, on the destruction he had seen, and on the apparent betrayal of King Napalm's own beliefs. The hedgehog was at first somewhat reluctant, but gradually gained in fire and anger as he spoke out against the crimes performed by the Pyranic Empire, attracting the ears of those hostile to the Pyrans, although every time he spoke out against his former home, he always stated that Napalm was a figurehead being manipulated against his will to authorize these attacks.


Samuel is not a fighter of any form of repute. While trained in naturakinesis, his actual use in a combat situation is limited, and is something he avoids as much as possible. In addition, most high-ranking soldiers in the Pyranic Empire embody the element the nation takes stock in - Fire. This is a natural superiority over his element, which adds to his unwilling side to fight.

Nature Abilities

Elementless Abilities







Samuel's personality is incredibly driven, with his desire to stop the militant side of his former home by changing the government of the Pyranic Empire, so that no other city suffers the fate of Etria.




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