This is an article about Samuel Ivy, a character created by Monk the Cat on 07/14/2013.

Samuel Ivy is a saber-toothed tiger with no powers. He is decently skilled with computers.


Sam is an average-height, saber-toothed tiger with burnt-orange fur. He has the burnt-orange fur on most of his body, except for on his chest and muzzle, where it is a creamy white color. Being a saber, Sam has two large tusks coming from his upper jaw. These tusks hang down about an inch between his chin. They are white with a faint yellow tint. He has a very short tail that is pretty much just a tuft of fur.

He commonly wears a pair of blue jeans, cut off at the knees; a white, button up tee shirt with a pocket on his left chest; a pair of basic white gloves; and a pair of ankle-height brown boots. He sometimes wears a jean jacket and also has a pair of black-framed, rectangular glasses.


Sam is a very well-mannered and polite saber. He is shown to be very kind and compassionate, and somewhat selfless. He can be pretty stubborn, and is loyal to his friends and family. He can also be lazy from time to time, often enjoying his sleep and not wanting to be disturbed.


His life before age 15 is shrouded in mystery(for now). Sam has had a mostly average life, since age 15.


Sam is good with computers, both fixing them and programming them. Sam has also been training with a wakazashi, or Japanese shortsword. He is not too well trained with his weapon, but knows enough to get by.


Not having any special powers, or such, he doesn't have any special weaknesses.

Relationships with Other Characters

Lavender the Tiger - He greatly respects and loves his fiance. He has learned that she is also a weretiger, but that doesn't worry him for some reason. He often will go out of his way to do nice things for her, just to see her smile. He would go to any measure to protect her.

Angela Ivy - His relationship with his sister is somewhat complicated. They don't see each other that often, due to safety reasons, ans aren't as close asthey could be. He does love his little sister, though, and is loyl in helping her, should she require assistnce.

Bethany the Coeurl - He knows Bethany as "Cora". He thinks of her as a friend who sometimes visits to watch him work on computers

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