Cquote1 We did nothing to you. Leave this Pack, and never return. Cquote2
Samson to the unnamed leader, Wandering Secrets

Samson the Wolf is a tall male Wolf who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the husband/mate of Anna, father of Ash and Tyler, and successor of Ingram the Wolf as leader of the Wandering Wolf Pack.


Samson is a pale gray Wolf with a white streak pattern, pale blue eyes, and a scar stretching over his mouth. He wears silver-framed glasses, a silver wristwatch, a blue jacket, and blue worker shoes.


Being a father and a leader, Samson is a protective fellow. He is also a naturally suspicious person, as he refused to trust the unnamed jackal leader when he made himself known to the Pack. Samson has also shown to be a vengeful person, as he attacked the leader in retaliation for Ingram's death, using the leader's own sword to wound him in the face, and hated the leader even more for the kidnapping of his elder son Ash. Prior to Wilson's departure from the Pack, Samson loved his brother, and failed to understand his desire to leave and find a permanent place to live.


Before the Series: Samson's entire past is unknown, but it's likely he grew up in the Pack. At some point in time, when Ingram became the leader of the Pack, Samson was chosen as his deputy.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Tale of a Wolf: In the Prologue, when he is told that the Jackal Squad are still trailing the Pack, Samson decides to fight them, and makes it a one-on-one on Specs' suggestion. He wins the fight, but the Pack are driven away so that the Squad leader can capture Ash and hold him for ransom. Samson later leads a raid to rescue his son, but this fails and he is wounded in the face. When the Pack patrol leaves, he isn't seen again.

Hunt for the Lost Pack: Samson is briefly heard in the Prologue calling for Muck to find the warriors when the senior Wandering Wolf escapes the Dark Legion's prison camp. Later, he is seen in a flashback, losing hope over his son's fate. Finally, Samson is rescued when the warrior patrol sent to save the Wandering Wolf Pack from the Dark Legion, who were briefly held prisoner by the Legion as well, break out and free the Wolves. After the Legion are driven off, Samson leads the Wandering Wolf Pack back to their well-worn paths, with new members Vernon and Christopher.

Wandering Secrets: Samson is the protagonist of this prequel. When the unnamed Jackal Squad leader seemingly joins the Pack, Samson is suspicious of him, though his suspicions fall on deaf ears until Ingram is murdered by the leader when he takes over the Pack with help from his Squad.


Samson's protectiveness means he tends to lose his temper and attack, risking his own life if someone he loves or cares about is hurt.


Wilson the Wolf

It is revealed in The Lone Wanderer that Wilson used to be a Wandering Wolf, and he was Samson's brother. The two cared for each other deeply, though Samson didn't understand his brother's desire to find a permanent home rather than travel the land. When Wilson left the Pack, Samson promised that they might see each other again, unaware of his brother's fate.

Ingram the Wolf

Ingram was Samson's good friend, and while they respected each other greatly, Ingram didn't share Samson's suspicions, and thus failed to see the jackal leader's true intentions until it was too late.

Anna the Wolf

Anna is Samson's mate, and they love each other dearly.

Ash and Tyler

Samson loves his sons and will to anything to protect them.

Vernon and Arrow

Vernon and Arrow were both adopted by Samson and Anna and are being taken care of by them. Samson treats them fairly, like his true sons, and is a kind and protective father figure to them. While he isn't the same to Noah, he encourages Arrow's relationship with his brother.

Infinite(unnamed leader)

Samson hates the unnamed leader because he is responsible for the murder of Ingram, and constantly threatened Ash, later kidnapping him.

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