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Samson was born into a family where both of his parents were in the U.M.A. He was taught from a young age on how to wield various weapons, ranging from pistols to sub-machine guns. His father kept him from using heavier weapons such as assault rifles and light machine guns in fear that he might injure someone with one. At the age of 12, his father had let him finally hold an assault rifle. Samson found it lighter than he'd expected and asked his father if he could go to the firing range at the U.M.A headquarters. His father allowed him and they began training along with his brother, Cadmon. His mother was never around because she was always serving in other countries as a medical officer, but she did send the occasional letter and sometimes talked to her sons and husband on the phone. Samson's father was very high up in the U.M.A's ranks and served at home.

Teenage years

At the age of 15, Samson began intense training in a project that the U.M.A called Titan. Before this however, Samson and his father talked about it for a long time. Both of them didn't know what would happen and the scientists said that the chance of death was fairly high. However, the two finally came to the conclusion that Samson would go through it.

The first step of the program was to bulk up. So, Samson spent six months of intense training exercises, ranging from just going to the gym, to intense army training exercises. Eventually, he was fit enough to go through with the project. The scientists hooked him up to a machine, with various tubes hooked into his arms and legs. During the project Samson needed to be awake, just in case something bad were to occur. Unfortunately, something bad did happen. Samson was given a minor overdose of the drugs created. This caused his heart to become erratic and he eventually passed out.

Three months later, he finally woke up. The drug overdose had caused him to go into a coma. As he woke up, all he saw was the door in front of him and an empty chair beside him. He then looked above the door and saw a clock. It was three in the morning and everyone had left, except a few nurses and doctors on their night shift. He heard the gentle beeping of a cardiac monitor behind him. He decided that he would sleep for a while longer, so that the wait to see his father and ask him what happened would be shorter. A few hours later he woke up to something he would of though would never happen. His mother was leaning against the wall in the corner of his room. He was happy to see her, but something was off. She looked upset. After asking what was wrong, he had discovered a horrible truth. His father had been killed in action.


A few weeks later, Samson was discharged from the medical centre and was just in time for his father's funeral. His entire family was in mourning, especially him. He had grown very close to his father and felt lost without him. A few days after the funeral, Samson continued with his training, but only for a short time. He soon decided stop as he believed he was at his peak strength. He then left the U.M.A and went to go live a normal life. At least for now...


Samson is a tall lion, standing at 5'2" with a muscular build. He has a brown-orange coat and a dark yellow mane. He has brown eyes as well. Samson tends to wear tan, khaki or black cargo trousers, a black shirt, a tan, khaki or black combat jacket and a pair of boots. No matter what situation he's in he always wears this clothing.


Samson, as with the rest of his family, has a very soldier-like character despite not being in the U.M.A, like his brother, mother, and father. Although he is not a part of the U.M.A, Samson respects everyone in it, believing that they are fighting for the people rather than the government. During his childhood and part of his teenage, Samson was very polite and wasn't like most children. He would respect everyone that he would meet and he would never question his mother or father. However, after his father's death, he fell into a slight depression. Even though he knew that the death of his parents might happen, he still felt lost without his father. He stopped talking to some people for a while and at one point he shut out everyone he knew. Eventually, he overcame his depression, telling himself that it wasn't what his father would want. Now, he lives a life where his respect for others restored.


Samson is fairly skilled with using basic U.M.A firearms such as pistols and assault rifles, but he is most skilled with using light machine guns. He is also skilled with a weapon called 'The Smashhammer', a weapon which he made himself. The weapon is made from fairly complex things. On the head of the hammer, there is a small pressure plate that when pressed, releases flames from the head. Parts of the mechanism for this are also located in the upper part of the lever, so unlike most sledgehammers, it is made of steel. Because of this, he also really good at modifying weaponry.


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