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Samson Quincy Arferon

Biographical Information
Age 14
  • Sam
  • Sammy
SpeciesMobian/Dog (Unknown breed)
Romantic Interests Kimmy the Foxwolf
Physical Description
Gender Male
  • Fur: Brown w/ white chest
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Basic white gloves
  • Red/white shoes
  • Glasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsK-9 Patrol (Agent/Tactician)
Other Information
American V.A. Ryushusupercat
Japanese V.A. ???
Theme Song(s) ???
Original Creator Ryushusupercat

Samson Quincy Arferon is a fan character created by Ryushusupercat. He is a member of the K-9 Patrol and serves as the tactician.



Meeting the Nobletail Siblings

Sam first met up with Wolfen Von Nobletail and Melyssa Von Nobletail in a small forest after they had found Patches the Pomeranian hiding from some SWAtbots. Patches was already with Sam, who had told the Pomeranian to escape to safety while he bravely held off the marauding SWAtbots. Wolfen, Melyssa, Solomon and Patches quickly came to help Sam fight off the SWATbots (Solomon finishing up the fight). During the fight, however, Melyssa was hit with a tranquilizer dart, knocking her unconscious. Wolfen was hit as well but Sam managed to give Wolfen a Chesto Berry to overcome the lethargic effects of the dart. After everyone (except for the unconscious Melyssa) introduced themselves, Sam happily allowed his new friends the use of his father's cabin (his father was Professor Nathaniel Arferon), which wasn't far from the forest that our heroes were in.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the sight of the cabin, our heroes found it burned to the ground, with Sam's father nowhere in sight (it was later learned that he had been captured and roboticized). To make matters worse, Superbot and some of his SWATbots showed up, and captured our heroes.

Escaping from the Egg Carrier

Taken onto the Egg Carrier, our heroes only managed to escape when Sam used a Fire Stone from his backpack of random, useful items to evolve Solomon into an Arcanine. They managed to escape the jail room but were quickly caught again (along with the three Lake Spirits), and Robotnik decided to start his experimenting on Melyssa. The three Lake Spirits, however, used their power to knock out the power on the Egg Carrier, and creating a beacon that attracted Cinos (the one that destroyed the Egg Viper and the Death Egg) to the Egg Carrier and allowing him to truly rescue the five prisoners along with the three Lake Spirits.

After Escaping the Egg Carrier

After their ordeal in the Egg Carrier, the K-9 Patrol (remember, the name didn't come until Roxy Fox Pomeranian joined them) quickly began recruiting members, and would eventually come across the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

25 Years Later

Marrying Kimmy the Foxwolf

Sonic Adventure 3



Rank Quotes

Selected for Battle:

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Starting Chao Finder Mission:

Clearing Chao Finder Mission:

Clear Stage:

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"I feel so insulted..."


Sam is incredibly intelligent, thus making him a useful tactician.


With Kimmy the Foxwolf



  • Making scientific discoveries
  • His friends, the K-9 Patrol
  • Spending time with Kimmy
  • Being a nerd/geek


  • People making fun of his glasses or the fact that he's a nerd
  • Robotnik and his robots

Biggest Fears



  • His original name was Peter Werren Arferon, and his nickname would've been Peewee.