Samantha the Hedgehog

Samantha the Hedgehog

Samantha is an inventor that likes helping people. When she was four years old, her parents died of a disease. She lived at an orphanage for twelve years, but soon got adopted and met Sonic and his friends.


Toddler Years

When Samantha was four, she heard of her parents' death from a disease. She immediatly was taken to an orphanage. The teachers there were cruel to her because she was too "energetic". She once planned to escape the orphanage, but got caught in the process.

First Invention

Samantha was now 10 and since she didn't have any friends in the orphanage, she had to find something for time to pass. She tried dancing... it didn't go too well. Then sports... still no success. She almost gave up, when somebody called out her name. It was a girl named Trixie. The girl knew that Samantha was smart, so she suggested that Samantha could try inventing things. Samantha accepted the idea and put it to work.

During her classes, Samantha would sketch out ideas for her invention. When she finally found an idea, she started to build it. Even though it was hard to get the supplies for her invention, she didn't give up. It took Samantha 20 tries before she actually completed the object succesfully. She was surprised by her work. Samantha made a machine that would create any food that you want out of thin air.

From that day on, Samantha kept on inventing. She hoped that one day it would be her job to invent and help people.

Getting Adopted

Samantha was

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