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Cquote1 I don't care who made you and why you're here. I'm trying to get my education! Cquote2
Sam to Roven the Robo-Raven in Chronicles of the Raven
Sam the Raven (Japanese: サミュエル・ザ・レイヴン lit. Samuel the Raven) is the main protagonist of Chronicles of the Raven, Chronicles of the Raven 2: Rebellion, and WasabiOS' fanfictions.


Main Appearance

Sam is a male, grey, black and white raven that is tall and has brown eyes.


Sam wears a blue shirt with a green '16' on the back. He wears blue denim trousers with deep pockets. (He is wearing shorts in the picture)


Sam is rebellious, funny and a maths wiz. When he sees Maria his rebellious attitude starts to fade, but it does come back.

He is also an introvert, which means he doesn't like being with people. This is shown in Chronicles of the Raven 2 when he has to speak to the residents of his country.


Sam was born in Upper Apotos. His mother was a worker at Apotos Wind and his father was a world traveller.


Sam has Super Peck, an ability passed down from his grandfather, Marvin the Raven.


Sam is good at math, meaning as a rebel he knows when time has passed and more.


Sam has only one weakness: Maria. Any sight of her equals no rebellious attitude.

This is until The Spagonian War; he is cured, somehow.


  • Even with his immense weight, Sam can still fly.
  • Sam joined the Spagonian Rebel Agency three days before war broke out.
  • In the Spagonian War, the original leader of Spagonia was killed. Sam had led the rebels, so he became king of the Rebel Kingdom of Spagonia.
    • Also, he let his brother, Alex, become prime minister.
      • Weirdly, Alex was pretty young when he became prime minister.
        • To be exact, only 14 years old.
          • Because of this, Sam normally governs the country.
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