Sam is a charecter of Hedgeidna97.

Sam the Chameleon

Sam the Chameleon
Age 13
Gender Male
Species Chameleon
Description He has no har, has blue eyes and has a serious face. He wears a black coat and black shoes with red coloured clothes underneath.
Attire Sam wears a red shirt and has a red belt. He has black gloves and a black coat. He also has black shoes.
Relatives No realatives of his known to be alive.
Affiliations Sam is often affiliated with working for people who hire him, he is also affiliated for choosing his own side in a fight. He often likes to get involved in other people's fights
Romantic Interests Mithry
Weaponry Sword, and mace. (Uses in non-elemental fights)
Abilities Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, Aerokinesis
Super Forms Super Sam, Inferno Sam, Molten Sam, Elemental Sam, Fire Spirit Sam.


Early life

Sam was born in Chaos City. His father had the powers of cryokinesis and hydrokinesis. While his mother had the powers of geokinsis and aerokinesis. When Sam was 4, his family were killed by a deadly house fire. Strangely enough the fire didn't come near Sam and he managed to walk out of the burning house unscathed.

Sam's life on the streets of Chaos city

Sam lived on the streets of Chaos city for roughly half his life. While on the streets Sam stole food and water from houses to survive his rough life. Having a rough life helped Sam perfect his 4 main powers. When Sam was 9 he somehow managed to control the fire and used it against the police while he was about to get arrested. Sam then became an outlaw, moving around the city for a year, making sure the police couldn't find him. When Sam was 10 he battled a group of 5 police and won using his legendary 5 powers attack. (A deadly combination of ice, water, earth, fire, and air) While this battle was going on Pitch the Echidna was watching. Impressed Pitch recruited Sam.

Rest of life until now

Sam's first mission was to help Pitch kill Hayden, in his first attempt to kill Pitch's enemy. After that Sam travelled around with Pitch. Sam generally did what he did best. Steal. Sam stole weapons and gave them to Pitch, in more ferocious attempts to kill Pitch's enemy. But Sam was starting to get tired of travelling around with Pitch, and Sam has a plan to swap sides and start his double agent life. In the Great Cave Escape Sam turned on Pitch and officially became enemies with him.


The Great Cave Escape

In this roleplay Sam was Pitch's servant until he doublecrossed him while he was fighting the others. Sam joined the heroes and helped them to escape. Along the way Hector accidentally made the cave collapse, shrouding everyone in darkness, during this time Pitch kidnapped Hayden, Hector and Chloe. After this everyone decided to go and help the others, they met many people along the way who helped them including Josh. Gr and Bl dragons attacked Pitch first, then Sam attacked and then the rest of the group attacked Pitch, during the raid Pitch got away and took Chloe with him. Josh managed to help everyone catch up to Pitch, during a long battle Pitch escaped the caves with Sam and Hayden following Pitch. Pitch jumped into a portal and Sam and Hayden followed.

Sonic and Kayden The Lost Soul of the ARK Act 2

The Inferno Emeralds

The Energy Dimension

The angels of life and death

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The Five Powers Attack.

Can fly.


Sam is a double agent.

Quite freindly to the side he is fighting on.

Is suprisingly smart. (Considering he never went to school)



If you consider me a freind and like swapping sides with me please add yourself here.

While on the good side:


If you consider me an enemy and like making sure you'll never be a side that I'm on please add yourself here.


If you consider me a rival please add yourself here.


Sam is a 12 year old chameleon who wears a red shirt, blue pants, white gloves, white socks and some yellow shoes. He also wears a red/grey armband.

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