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Sam has a primary color of grey, she has two quills that's stick out above and in front of her shoulders, then has four more on each side of her that stick back the opposite direction and four quills that go forward, tucked under the third and fourth quills, all of her quills are lined with a maroon red color. She has three bangs, two going down and two going up and they are also lined with maroon red. She has 4 quills on the back of her head also lined with maroon red. She has maroon red irises. She has tan colored skin. She will normally wear a black shirt lined with red, and wears a black skirt also lined with red and black leggings. She has four rings, on her ankles and her wrists, she has shoes with heels that are lined with red and she has white gloves.


Sam's personality is a little energetic and normally very determined. She can also be very knowledgeable, but does have a slight temper as well. She enjoys teaching Prometheus about the world around him, she sometimes thinks of him as child trying to learn new things.

Strengths and Powers





Sam's normal form.

​ Dark Sam

Super Sam

Turbo Sam

Hyper Sam

True Hyper Sam

General Info

Name: Sam The Hedgehog

Full Name: Sam Richard Triclorbalt

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Alignment: Neutral/Evil

Relationship Status: Taken

Height: 3'8

Weight: 78lb

Birthplace: Mobius

Current Residence: Abandoned office building, sinking city.

Relatives: Richard The Hedgehog- Father (Lost)

Yulay The Hedgehog- Mother (Lost)

Darren The Hedgehog- Long Lost Brother

Yuna The Hedgehog- Grandmother

Insedro The Hedgehog- Grandfather (Deceased)

Likes: Food, challenges, power, relaxing, music, dubstep, enjoyable views.

Dislikes: Hearing the obviousness, religion, following rules, losing, show offs, being proved wrong.

Romantic interests: Prometheus The Unknown.

Occupations: None

Birthday: December.13th (Found date)

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