Sally Acorn (サリーエイコーン Sari Eikōn) is one of the main characters of the Sonic XX 2D/3D Anime series. She is a tomboy princess of the Acorn Commonwealth and a daughter of King Maximus Acorn.

Super Forms:

Super Sally (スーパーサリー Sūpā Sarī) is a Super form of Sally after Harnessing the 7 Chaos Emeralds or 24 Power Rings.

Hyper Sally (ハイパーサリー Haipā Sarī) is a Super form of Sally after Harnessing the 7 Super Emeralds alongside the Chaos Emeralds or 48 Power Rings.

Ultra Sally (ウルトラサリー Urutora Sarī) is a Super form of Sally after Harnessing the 7 Cloud Emeralds alongside the Chaos and Super Emeralds or 82 Power Rings


Sally is smart, confident, deliberate, and mature. She is likewise strong-minded, logical and focused, preferring to plan ahead of situations, while having a loving devotion to her people and friends.


Sally Acorn is a typical Palm Squirrel (a genetic hybrid between chipmunk and squirrel), with red hair.


Sally was born in Neondon wanting to be a warrior like her father, with her mother passed away, even though she would have strongly disliked her for doing the things Sally would not have liked.

She was utterly a tomboy, refusing to wear clothing, even though it was necessary for fighting in combat. As part of the training course, The King warned Sally she'd be more vulnerable wearing virtually nothing. Ironically she became exclusively jacketed as a treat for succeeding in the training course, even though the King was okay with her being completely bottomless.

During the Attack of Dr. Eggman and his Nephew, Sally was naturally testing her skills on the Badniks including Swatbots, Buzzbombers and Crabmeats. Antoine happened to get in her way to bring attention to Sally but secretly refused to marry him, but he ended up marrying Bunnie instead.


Sally is able to curl up into a ball while jumping and Spin Dashing like most other. She can also use a Spin Slash with bladed weapons and a Spike Blast with Dart or Archery weapons.


Sally's Attire mainly consists of a blue sleeveless hoodie, a pair of blue boots and White Gloves, exclusively due to her strong distaste in fashion and temperature issues. She also Wears NLPP Power Armor with her Neon-edged great sword as her standard.


Sally Acorn is able to Stand on walls permanently to distinguish her self from the rest of her crew and to get tactical on her enemies.

Sally has some trademark Chaos Powers, (Chaos Heal, Chaos Restraint, Chaos Saber, Chaos Freeze, Spear of Ice, Saber of Ice), she typically either uses Heal or Saber for combat.


Her Weapon skills come mainly from her father and royal guards who happened to have mastered their weapon skills, her most preferred are swordsmanship, fire arms and throwing weapons, even hanging upside down and/or using Extreme Gear.

She is also great with catching fools, even (technologically) advanced fools.

Knothole and Knighting Chris Thorndyke

Christopher Thorndyke entered Knothole to team up and was knighted by Sally Acorn at the Age of 13.

She warned Chris that the Metarex could grow significantly stronger he goes on his mission alone. Chris may have understood the rules of fighting in the Knothole Freedom Fighters of Light Guide.

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