Sally Acorn is a guest protagonist who appears in the Sonic Adventures episode, Opposite Day. She is an anthropomorphic chipmunk who visited Shadow's Apartment but was annoyed by Sonic and Knuckles who were both dressed up as Shadow.


Sally is a brown chipmunk with dark auburn hair that connects to the stripe going down her back and ending on her tail. Her face has a lighter brown patch in which her large blue eyes are settled. Her clothes consist of azure denim vest and Azure Shoes. Her tan-colored underbelly can be seen in the her midriff.


Sally is strong-minded and is very opinionated. She is often logical and focused with a playful side and prefers to plan ahead in almost all situations. She often likes to help other people and can sometimes be annoyed by some people as well especially when she was Annoyed by Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow because Both Sonic and Knuckles were pretending to be Shadow by wearing his uniform.


  • This is the first animated series to feature Sally Since Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • Sally, along with Wave and Marine are voiced by Jennifer Hale, who was well known for voicing Samantha from Totally Spies.

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