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Sally was born into the royal family ruling the kingdom of Mobotropolis in 3219 as the daughter of the King. From childhood, she was raised to take over the throne. Her father taught Sally their family's secret creed and she was over by her nanny, Rosie. Sally also grew up with Sonic, whose behavior sometimes irritated her. At some point, she also received a portable computer known as Nicole. In 3224, however, at the age of five, Sally had to flee to Knothole Village after Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis. For the next several years, Sally was a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and led a number of activity against Robotnik, who occupied Robotropolis.

After Robotnik was defeated, and her Father was freed from the void, she finally admitted her feelings for Sonic, who shared them.


Sally is a mobian chipmunk with red hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue vest, white tank top that exposes her stomach, black pants with a blue belt, and blue boots


Sally is intelligent, smart, confident, deliberate, and mature. She possesses a meticulous and no-nonsense personality and prefers to be concentrated and cautious. She is likewise strong-minded, guided by logic, and focused, preferring to plan ahead of situations before taking action.

While usually serious, she does have a playful side, which usually shows up around Sonic. She will often tease and flirt with him. She gets this side from her mother.

Powers & Abilities

  • Athletic Abilities: Sally is trained in acrobatics and martial artists.
  • Whipmanship: Sally is trained to use a whip.
  • Intelligence: Sally has a sharp and analytical mind. This makes her a great leader and strategist.


  • Grapple Whip: A energy whip summoned from a hilt-like device she wears on her belt. It can be used to slash enemies, and grab things from a distance.


  • Super Sally: When Sally uses the Chaos Emeralds, she gains a Super Form.
  • Paladin Sally: When holding the Sword of Light, Sally enters her paladin form.