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Sakra is a 16 year old, blue and pink, crazy hedgehog. She was born in Central city, but resides in the outskirts of the city. Although she may look harmless, she'll pack a punch at whoever tries to rob her and her mother's store. She is the co-manager and worker at Finer Jeweler's, which is a jewelery store on the outskirts of Central City. She has just recently met Sonic the Hedgehog, her long-lost cousin, whom her mother never talked about. She is also Rouge the Bat's half-sister, because they share the same father.

Early Life

Not much is known about Sakra's past. The only thing known is that her boyfriend, Frost, was killed when Eggman came to the city. Sakra never forgave Eggman for taking away the love of her life, and she violently attacks him whenever she sees him.

Meeting Family

One day, Sonic and Tails arrived at her shop. Sakra wasn't there, however, but Jane, her mother, was. She sent the two heroes to John's, because Sakra is usually talking to John, the store's founder and worker. Right in the middle of their conversation, a green flash runs by, returns, and tries to rob the store. Sakra pulls out two swords, and prepares to attack the robber, Scourge. Sonic and Tails beat her to it, however, and the two beat Scourge to the ground, him ending up back in prison. Sakra thanks the two, but she and Sonic just stared at each other. They looked almost exactly alike. Akwardly, Sakra went home, confused and curious. When explaining what happened that day to her mother, Sonic and Tails came back, asking to talk to the store's owner. When Sakra replies that the female hedgehogs were the owners, Sonic begins his explaination for coming.

Bernie, Sonic's mother, had explained that Jane, Sakra's mother, was her sister. Jane, however, didn't want Sakra to grow up near Knothole, so when Sonic was 1 and Sakra was 2, Jane left Knothole and fled for Central City, where Sakra became a infamous crime-fighter there. Sakra was shocked, and so was Sonic, because he didn't know that Jane had a daughter. Sakra came to the conculsion that Sonic was her cousin. They were surprised, and Sakra was angry with Jane for not telling her about Bernie or Sonic. Jane apoligized, saying she didn't want Sakra to get involved with what Sonic does because she could have gotten killed. Sakra replies; "I was trained by you, a master swordswoman, and you think a robot could kill me? Mom, face it, I'm getting older, and stronger. I think I can handle what Eggman can throw at me, especially after what he did to Frost."

After that, Sakra agreed to move to New Mobotropolis with her pet Chao, Lorillie, so she can help Sonic and his friends fight the forces of evil. It was hard to part with her mother, but Jane gave Sakra a parting gift; an emerald necklace, which is what Jane's mother gave her before she passed. Then, Sakra showed off a new power. Her back quills morphed into bat wings, and she could fly with ease. Sakra still doesn't know how she aquired bat wings, she just says she was born with it.


  • Sakra was originally going to be a royal blue and pink hedgehog named Blade. However, her creator saw someone already had that name, so she changed it.
  • Sakra is very protective of her friends. She goes out of her way to help people whenever she can.
  • She went 15 years without knowing about Sonic.
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