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"The world we live in is filled with beings with powers that can destroy the world, as heroes, villains or neutral.My role is to counter ALL of them."

-Sakkross the Jaguar


There is no picture of him,but his appearance is,Obviously he is an anthropomorphic jaguar,wearing a tuxedo,black pants and leather shoes.Sometimes seen with a fedora.he has yellow fur with black rosettes.a black nose.Yellow eyes with black pupils.


The personality Sakkross can shift from crime boss to god like to destructive back to crime boss.He is a state of the art escape artist and spy before he became rich for all the money he has stolen,let alone plundered back in time.Sakkross is incredibly smart,with an IQ of 400,100 points more than tails'.His personality when it comes to his enemies are a play style kind of personality,where he toys with his foe's mental boundaries which make it easier for him to take down his enemies and causes him to always be steps ahead.


Sakkross' history begins when his father and mother,had too many children and decided to give a few to their relatives,even make them theirs.Sakkross was given to his Uncle,who was secretly a crime boss.Sakkross grew up educated,both normally and in ways of crime.Even finding ways his uncle was never able to find out. Years later,after his uncle died in a gang war.Sakkross,was known as the heir to his uncle's "throne" and Sakkross ruled the land even better than his uncle ever did.he became rich,and there he ruled over the land. His archenemy,Favio the deer.who was also a crime boss,battled with him,in a fist fight.Sakkross won flawlessly. He battled with shadow before as well,it wasn't easy,but Sakkross won that battle,that's why when he battled sonic and the gang,it was easy for him to beat them. There are times when Sakkross has helped sonic and the gang in BIG the time of the dragon serpents,when he gave them their weakness,and when he fought alongside them against godlike shadow when shadow had the devil's jewel.

Mystery's assasination

The so called Mystery who has been causing genocide in public places needs to stopped,That's why his old rival Favio,said that being feared is no longer an option,a decision to turn over and become one of the good guys is indeed necessary,Sakkross agrees.During the parade so that they could finally see Mystery as their new emperor,Sakkross simply walks in,the guards try to hold him back,already firing after seeing he can't be held back,but it doesn't work either,he simply walks onto the float,kills both of Mystery's super guards,and crushes Mystery's head,after that "assassination",Sakkross walks off as a hero,but turns down being emperor,for everybody knows that his whole crime boss thing is already considered him ruling over places.


Sakkross is a technopath.he can also instantly adapt,and super reflexes,but there are a few hints on a few other powers: It could be possible for him to increase his strength a billion fold.this is seen in Games over episode 13, when he threw an entire 900 meter building at ultraman. It could also be possible that he has super he was able to catch up and even outrun Favio the deer.who runs as fast as the speed of light (Favio is faster than sonic since sonic can only go faster than light if he has all the chaos emeralds.) The reason why these "powers" are not fully confirmed is because it is not known yet if it is just technology or not.


Sakkross has the ability to see very well in the dark,jump or leap farther than usual Jaguars and thanks to a bunch of training,he can use his rosettes as a hypnotizing pattern.


Sakkross is a master at crane and leopard style Kung fu.He can catch bullets,run up walls and his intelligence surpasses Tails'


Sakkross,used to not have his power to instantly adapt,but that was before,now he has no weakness,because of his ability to adapt,meaning,trying to burn him?he will not burn or feel any pain,drowning?instant gills.suffocation?shrinking powers.But some think he over relies on his power to adapt,but he doesn't,so he always has a contingency plan.But to be serious,Sakkross is still a normal anthrphomorphic being,still able to be distracted,and,he was not born with his power to adapt,so possibly going back in time to assassinate him may do the trick,but his present self COULD adapt to it,so a 50/50.his super strength and super speed are still not confirmed,so if it were to be technology,an E.M.P. could possibly do it.Sakkross can't die due to natural causes,but that doesn't mean he can't die in other ways,he can,but the enemy has to find a way to go around the whole adapting factor.


  • His ability to adapt is based on Marvel's Darwin
  • Sakkross' looks are based in Guin from the guin saga,but with a tuxedo instead of armor and a loincloth,the idea of his tuxedo came from Star vs. the forces of evil's Toffee
  • Sakkross was suppose to be a tribe chief,but the idea of a tuxedo changed him from a tribe chief into a crime boss.
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