Sakkaku is a defected ninja from the Shensheng De Branch. He is capable of manipulating people's mind. He hasn't unlocked his Mind of Arahant enlightenment stage, but is a very capable fighter. He is a member of Chi no Chiheisen, and is a close personal friend to Shun the Panda.


Birth/Early Childhood

Sakkaku was born into the Shensheng De Branch, apart of the Torriku Kazoku. When he was born his mental abilites exploded, and he killed everyone present. He almost died, but was saved by an unknown person. He was placed in a secret home within the village. He was treated like an outcast, and looked at strangely. Sometimes Sakkaku would even be spit on, because people of the Branch referred to him as the "Child of the Devil". Sakkaku grew cold, and in his loneliness, bitter.


Sakkaku trained very hard with his master in their secret home. He had heard stories from his master about the man who saved him, and Sakkaku promised himself that he would find out who he was. Sakkaku grew very strong. He was capable of bending object with his mind, but his most impressive ability was the ability to create illusions, a trait usual in the Torriku Kazoku. Sakkaku had really no other family, as anyone who was apart of his Kazoku was killed when he was born.

Slipping into Darkness

Sakkaku soon joined a criminal organization. He wished to be accepted, and the defected ninja was highly intrested in his abilites. He asked Sakkaku to join him, and Sakkaku did. However Sakkaku never wanted to kill innocent people, and soon joined Shun in a rebellion. Sakkaku joined Shun after this, and has become a very capable and dangerous outlawed ninja.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Sakkaku is capable of projecting illusions as well as tapping into the mind. He has extensively studied the nervous system, and the inner workings of the brain. He is a very capable fighter, and is very dangerous in battle. With his abilities, Sakkaku can cause opponents to feel pain that they aren't really experiencing, or he can make them feel no pain while in reality they are being extremely damaged. Sakkaku is capable of transferring one person's mind into another's. He is also capable of bending and lifting objects with his mind. Sakkaku can use his abilities on a specific target, and no matter how far they go the abilities can still work unless he deactivates it. This ability comes in handy when Sakkaku creates disguises. Sakkaku can drive people into insanity with his mental warfare. He is also a capable combatant in martial arts. He is mainly a long range fighter, but can handle himself in close range. Sakkaku is also very rational, and is a strategist. He doesn't rush into battle, and is very educated.

Sakkaku has weaknesses that counter-act many of the attacks. It is possible for some of his abilities to be broken, but will leave the person who broke it mentally strained after doing so. Not everyone can break the abilities however, and most people fall victim to it and are unable to will themselves out of it. Sakkaku isn't exceptionally strong or fast, and while his attacks hit hard, they pale in comparison to some other characters. Sakkaku is also, as stated before, a long range fighter. Many of his abilities take time to execute, and he can be at a disadvantage in a battle against more than one opponent alone.


As a Child

As a child Sakkaku was very timid, and often times afraid. He hated his abilities, and was afraid of seeing himself. He would cower in fear whenever looking into a mirror because everyone called him a monster, he himself believed he was one. Sakkaku liked to read a trait he would carry into adulthood. Sakkaku was a very smart boy, but had a cold side to him. He was very mysterious, and had a somewhat dark and saddening presence to him.

As an Adult

As an adult, Sakkaku has become very cold, and has remained reclusive. He still enjoys reading, but gets highly angered when interupted. Sakkaku shows no mercy in battle, no matter who it is. He does show compassion for weaker characters, but still will not spare them in combat. He has an extreme hatred for ignorance, and believes that he will rid the world of the filth it causes. Sakkaku is usually very deep in thought. He is very uncaring towards many. Sakkaku is still very bright and very intelligent. He knows many things about the body. He still longs to find the man who saved him from death. Sakkaku realizes how dangerous is, but doesn't let it get to his head. He is a tactical character, who will strategize every way to take down an opponent from the first glance, even if they are an ally. Sakkaku has little to no faith in the world today, and sees it as pitiful. He is easily annoyed by loud, brash, and/or annoying characters, and will be quick to insult them.


Shun the Panda

Doka the Giant Snail


  • Sakkaku translates to "Illusion" in Japanese.
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