Cquote1 For me there is no "top of the ladder". I'll keep fighting... I'll keep fighting until it kills me! Cquote2
Saki the Panda

Saki the Panda is a young girl from the Hanzo Branch within the Panda Clan. She is an oprhan, but lives with her younger sister and her assigned bodyguard, Taichi the Panda. Saki dreams of becoming a world-famous MMA fighter. She trains in own private gym everyday, and strives to reach her goals. She is a very strong person, who doesn't waist her time achieving her goals. She certainly isn't a procastinator.


Saki the Panda

Biographical Information
  • Takako the Panda ~ Older Sister
  • Obake the Panda ~ Older Brother
  • Kokoro ~ Younger Sister
Romantic Interests


Physical Description
  • Fur: White
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black Sports Bra
  • Red and Black Basketball Shorts
  • Red and Black Fingerless gloves
  • Black Elbow Pads
  • Black and Red Boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Hanzo Branch, Panda Clan
  • Electrokinetic
  • Boxer
  • Kick-Boxer
  • Long Fist Styled Martial Artist
  • Superspeed
Other Information
American V.A.Tracy Pacheco
Japanese V.A.Ryōko Shiraishi
Theme Song(s)
Tekken 6 Soundtrack - Rustic Asia Theme

Tekken 6 Soundtrack - Rustic Asia Theme

Original CreatorFamotill

Early Childhood

Saki lived peacefully in town of Chún Shǎndiàn. Saki was far more calm and intelligent than her younger sister, yet far less intelligent than her older brother and older sister. She was the middle child clearly. Saki and her family lived in a small manor within the town, and the family was always very popular with the neighbors. Her parents were apart of the Panda Clan military. For this reason Taichi was hired to protect the children and watch over them. They would be constantly assigned to missions. Taichi would watch over the children until, Obake was old enough to watch them. When Obake was eighteen he relieved Tiachi of his duties as he and Takako would watch over their younger sisters.

Parent's Death

Saki's parents would be killed while on an espionage mission under disguise as natives within an enemy clan. Their deaths were covered up by the Panda Clan Military in fear of new of their failure spreading. They made it look like they were killed for betraying the Panda Clan army. Saki and her siblings were devastated by the news. However, most effected was probably Obake. In the middle of the night he fled (He was 21 at the time), but was haulted by Takako. After a short battle in which Obake was the victor, Obake told her that he knew that their parents did not commit treason. Obake and Takako were the only two in their household or within the village to know about their parent's proffession (other than Taichi). With Takako knowing that she couldn't stop Obake from getting revenge, and with her soon leaving to join the Panda Clan Army in honor of her parents (though Takako would join a different sect of the military who had no knowledge of her parents deaths), Takako was forced to re-hire Taichi.

Again Under A Watchful Eye

By time Saki was sixteen, she had matured into a young woman who was not only capable in combat, but capable at providing and taking care of her sister. She tried on multiple occasions to force Taichi to leave, but still recieve his pay so that Takako wouldn't find out. Taichi refused, stating that he wouldn't dishonor their family, because he cared to much for them and her (Saki). Taichi and Saki always had a father-daughter like relationship. Now that Saki had become a beautiful youn gwoman, Taichi would make sure that Saki reamined protected, scaring off any men that came near her. Saki continues to train to live out her dream of becoming an MMA fighter.


Saki is a tough female character. She isn't afraid of anything, and while she may get nervous, she will always stand up to a challenge. She puts all she has into everything she does, and is a serious competitor. Saki can be sarcastic, and sometiems ratehr blunt about her opinion. She isn't really ever quick to anger, and usually keeps a calm and coll leveled head. Saki tends to hate relying on others. Saki also hates when people cry, and it is one of the few things that actually can annoy her. She hates to be dependent on anyone, but does like to have others depend on her. She hates to admitt when she is wrong, and even when she knows she is, will go through great lengths to prove her point. She has a deep passion for fighting, and will challenge some-one she deems as worthy. When she loses to some-one in combat she will write their name down in her "Book of Rivals". She creates a check list of those names, and checks off anyone she can beat in a rematch. Many younger female characters look up to her, becuase she is a mothering figure to them. Saki doesn't talk much of her parents, as she does believe them to have comitted treason. Despite the fact that she hates to believe it, she usually deters these thoughts through training or combat. She keeps her feeligns bottled up, and unleashes them through training, making it wise to stay away from her whilst she is training. She is a more quiet and mature character, though is known to be more childish around the few people who can break past her mental defenses.


Saki has long brown hair, which is usually tied into a ponytail or french braid with bangs hanging in the front. She wears a black sports bra and red basketball shorts will black trim and design. She wears black and red boots that come up slightly past her shins. Saki also has fingerless red and black gloves. She has black elbow pads on either arm, that are tucked into her gloves, making them look somewhat connected. Saki has beautiful blue eyes. She isn't as busty as other characters but maintains and hourglass figure, with an athletically toned body.

School Uniform

Whilst attending school, Saki wears a typical shool-girl uniform with a pleated wrapover skirt, and a white dress shirt tucked in, with the school's logo branded onto it. Whilst in school, Saki does french braid, that draips over her shoulder. It gives her a more sophisticated look, as proclaimed by Taichi, while she is just annoyed by it. Saki's hourglass figure is far more apparent in her school outfit, as her toned athletic body is hidden.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Saki has many abilities. Being from the Hanzo Branch, Saki has electrokinesis. However she focuses all of the energy into her feet making her extremely fast, rivaling many characters' speeds. She also distrubutes lightning into her hands in order to give the person not only strong and lethal punches, but punches that may shock or sting the opponent severly. Saki is strong, and as forementioned is incredibly fast. Her reflexes are up to par as well. Saki is a capable boxer, as well as a capable wrestler. She is an expert at kickboxing, Muay Thai fighter, and bases her fighting style on Changquan (other wise known as "Long Fist style") martial arts. The forms of the Long Fist style emphasize fully extended kicks and striking techniques, and by appearance would be considered a long-range fighting system. In some Long Fist styles the motto is that "the best defense is a strong offense," in which case the practitioner launches a preemptive attack so aggressive that the opponent doesn't have the opportunity to attack. Others emphasize defense over offense, noting that nearly all techniques in Long Fist forms are counters to attacks. Long Fist uses large, extended, circular movements to improve overall body mobility in the muscles, tendons, and joints. Advanced Long Fist techniques include qin na joint-locking techniques and shuai jiao throws and takedowns.

Saki is still vunerable to water based enemies. While she is strong and fast she would be outmatched by characters such as Big (in strength) and Sonic (in speed). Her thirst for combat can sometimes land her in trouble, especially when she rushes into battle. Saki may be taken down by characters capable of defending against Long-Fist style martial arts.


Before A Battle

  • "So glad you accept my challenge"
  • "Okaaay, you won't like the result."
  • "It's go time."
  • "Time to prove it all"
  • "Let me show you what hard work can achieve"
  • "Hmmm, this shouldn't take long."
  • "You okay? You look a little nervous?"
  • "Okay, let's get this show on the road."

Battle Finish

  • "Told Ya"
  • "Talk about boring"
  • "Geez, my little sister puts up more of a fight than you."
  • "Maybe you'd make a better punching bag than the one I got at home"
  • "How could I havew lost so early?!"
  • "All this training, for nothing"
  • "I'll never make it to the big leagues"
  • "Damnit!"


  • "Would ya stop whining?"
  • "You got nothin' to worry 'bout, big man!"
  • "Obake!"
  • "Takako!"
  • "Koroko!"
  • "Big man!"
  • "Oh brother, if I wanted a lecture I'd go to college, I just want to knock people's skulls in!"
  • "I'm not a tomboy, why can't girls like bashing brains in without being labeled as a boy?"
  • "I'll make you pay for that one."


Takako the Panda

Takako makes Saki looks childish, mainly becuase Takako is very stren and serious. She hardly ever laughs. This could be the reason Saki is so calm, as Saki does see her older sister as a role-model. The two have a good relationship, and Takako will often write Saki and Kokoro letters, from the base she is stationed in. Takako however does not support Saki's dream of becoming an MMA fighter, stating that "We already have enough family with jobs that'll get them killed." Saki looks to prove to Takako that she can survive in a ring against any opponent.

Obake the Panda

Saki doesn't look up to Obake as much as Takako. However, they get along very well most of the time. Saki does respect the fact that Obake is determined to prove their parent's innocence even if she herself doesn't agree. Saki doesn't exactly understand why or what it is that her brotehr currently does, but is aware that he is currently a wanted criminal.

Kokoro the Panda

Saki plays a motherly role with her little sister. Even though they are just two years apart, Saki sees Kokoro as a child who needs to be taken care of. She is very protective of her sister. The two tend to argue, but out of all of the siblings her and Kokoro get along the best.

Taichi the Panda

Saki looks up to Taichi, seeing him as a father-figure. She does call him Uncle Taichi as well. She will often prepare Taichi's favorite dishes, and may do so sometimes to distract him. They two get along well, and Saki has known him since she was a baby. Taichi is an old family friend, and Saki respects that. She does wish that Taichi wouldn't watch her anymore, but he refuses to leave under Takako's orders.

Theme Song

Saki's theme song is from the Tekken 6 Soundtrack. The song is the background music of "Rustic Asia". It has small parts of asian and pop music, which hints at Saki's heritage. The song is filled with instrumental rock music, emphasizing Saki's amazing speed. The song has points where other instruments are played, allowing for a more dramatic effect. This plays into how dangerous Saki can be in combat.


  • Oddly, Saki did not gain the Sakadagami Flame after finding out her parents were dead. It could be speculated that she truly believes her parents did commit treason.
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