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Sajin Losussoc is

Sajin Losussoc

Biographical Information
Age 25
Relatives pending
Alias pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Stoutland (Mobianised)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Brown, w/ steel-gray sections on his back & blue-gray on his chest
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Black
  • Black face mask
  • Black body-length jacket w/ red-orange trim
  • Orange shirt
  • Black fingerless gloves
  • Black pants
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Losussoc Family
  • Disciples of Iblis (Pathfinder, anti-armor/anti-air soldier)
Weaponry Cryo Torpedo Launcher
  • Possesses the genetic ability Intimidate
  • Pokemon-type Omnikinesis
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand
  • Skilled w/ homing torpedo launchers
  • Stealth
  • Skilled scout
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator Flashfire212


A tall, broad and muscular Stoutland, Sajin has the standard brown fur of his species, as well as the steel-gray and blue-gray sections on his back and stomach respectably. His moustache is kept trimmed neatly, unlike most Stoutland, while his white hair is reasonably short. His black eyes often seem to be squinting, due to his small pupils.


Sajin almost always appears in the infantry uniform of a member of the Disciples of Iblis, a mercenary group. This consists of a black mask covering the face from the nose down, a black jacket reaching to his knees lined in red-orange, an orange shirt, black fingerless gloves, black pants and black boots.



As a Stoutland, Sajin has the genetic ability Intimidate. This triggers when he enters battle, where his very appearance lowers the strength of his opponent physically as a form of self-defence mechanism.

As a pathfinder, Sajin is a skilled and stealthy scout when he needs to be, but it is his role as forward anti-armor where his skills are really shown. Sajin's only weapon is a modified homing-torpedo launcher which typically fires proton-based explosives at mechanical targets that the on-board computer recognizes. However, Sajin's launcher has a layer of insulation around itself, and fires missiles filled with compressed liquid nitrogen - one missile can bring down an aircraft, shielded or not, due to the ice clogging the engines, while against land-based targets, the icey shots can block ballistics and missile-based launchers, rendering them useless.

As a fighter, Sajin's attacks cover a wide array of elements, and make him almost impossible to counter normally. However, high-level martial arts techniques can make him falter and beat him.

Ice Abilities

Fire Abilities

Electric Abilities

Water Abilities

  • Rain Dance
  • Surf

Earth Abilities

  • Mud-Slap
  • Sand-Attack

Poison Abilities

  • Poison Spike

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities