This is an article about Sairia the Unknown, a character created by XxTinkaStarxX on 06/23/2013.


Her body will be posted later on. Her ears are white, and the ends on her hair are gradient from violet to a blue-ish color.


Sairia is more of a rebel. She does what she think is right. She doesn't work for anyone, nor would she work for people that she thinks are wrong.


There's not much to tell about Sairia, only that she was abducted from her parents by a mad Doctor. She was then released far away from her home. Using her powers, she returned to her homeland, but her parents were hypnotized and they think of Sairia as the enemy. 


Sairia has hydrokinesis. She can summon waves and an entire ocean from thin air. Sometimes, she can also mold water into shapes such as a statue.


Sairia learned the art of water-coloring. She can colorize water into any color she desires. Also, she was teached self-defense, but not how to fight. So she knows only some fighting basics.


Can't Fight

Sairia was teached how to defend herself, but not how to fight back. So in battle she would be rusty or most likely to be defeated.

Droughtness For Too Long

If Sairia doesn't drink water or perceive it, she'll enter a critical state.

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