Saffron the Snow-leopard is a 14 year old snow leopard, daughter of Meg the Snow-leopard and Kex the Cougar, and the older sister of Merdith (Cougar). She is a fashion frenzy girl with a taste for anything lilac or silver. She moved to Mercia when she meets Titainia, and form a fast friendship.


She was born the daughter of a knight of the darkness, her mother being the 5th member. Three years after she was born, her father left to Mercia and her youger sister was born, Merdith. Not much is known about her childhood. She then moved to Mercia when her father found a new job and home. Asking her and her sister to join him, Saffron agreed immedietely, however her sister wanted to stay but promised to visit (Her mother was in a state of shock after a stroke)

Clothing and personality

Her clothing changes several times, her most favourite outfit is a silver-lilac tank top with white shleves and frilled elbows and wears a blue skirt with high heeled boots with purple cufflets. Her hair is wavy and long, tied back with a red hairband with a bow on top.

Her personality can change from sweet to sour in just a few seconds, and she was quite tomboyish but instantly changes that when she gets alot of dates from her old school. She also has a spoilt manner and has nothing to do with the knights of darkness, and she also absolutly HATES Amelia because her boyfriend is Darius (who she has a crush on).


Titania the Hedgehog

Riley the wild cat

Felisca the lioness

Laice the Fox/bat

Yasimma the Crow

Karla the Crocodile


Amelia the Serval


Amelia the Serval

Calleminae the Echidna

Romantic Interests

Darius the White wolf

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