Saffron is an unknown breed of fox with one tail and brown, short curly hair. She has a tear/raindrop shape on her tail, her fur is sky blue and she has pink skin. Saffron has larger ears than some people and wears white gloves, sky blue half-half shoes,a red midriff and violet/blue shorts. Her body is very short, even though she has long legs. She also wears one Peridot earring. 


Saffron is an outgoing person.She will help anyone in need and is the first to come to the rescue. She is really kind,is a bit of a scaredy cat, but does try to be brave when she needs to be. Her reputation as a Leader,a hero,a villan,and a caring soul all add up to who she is, Brave,encouraging and kind. Sometimes cold-hearted, overpowered and horrifying in nature.


Saffron was born in an unkown area in the tropics on the 2nd of June,2002 and was raised by Tikkab the echidna on Chao Chao Mountain. Nothing much happened for two years but after she was taking a walk and discovered a butcher in Station Square was going to sacrifice a turkey for someone when she leaped out and snatched the turkey.The turkey is named Gobbles the turkey and he can do takewondo. He has been on most of Saffron's adventures and has been the hero twice. Saffron met Sonic when she was taking the train to Mystic Ruins ,she saw Tail's workshop and thought that it would be nice to see him.Instead, she met Sonic with a gemstone and went with him to the windy cave. She fell off the track and lost a life, then cheated through the course and got the chaos emerald before him. Saffron is in possesion of the blue chaos emerald still. 


Saffron gave the blue chaos emerald to Eggman when she was desperate to get rid of Rouge. She was pushed off a cliff by a chao a bit later, and Eggman ran away with Rouge tied up. It seems that she fell off a cliff but nobody was really sure untill Marine the Raccoon found her scattered body parts on the shore while she was looking at shells. Marine probably brought Saffron to some reviver beause when Marine came out, Saffron seemed to be fine. The only people who know about this are Marine and Froggy,who was just by the shore eating fish. But Marine told everybody, but they just laughed.Thankfully, that means they didn't believe her.


Saffron has the ability to use pyrokietics-Ability to control fire with the mind.

ForceFlight- Power to fly,but tires the user out

Shapeshifting-Power to copy someone's looks by using magic.


Saffron can cook,scare people and is also a white belt martial artist.

Cooking: Saffron can cook complex dishes like lumprice with only a few materials. She is good for survival.

Martial arts/Takewondo: Saffron was trained by Greg and Steve at Stanmore Public School.

Scaring people: Saffron is perfect for a surprise attack/birthday/ect. But some people take things too seriously.


Saffron is a level 2 swimmer,can climb smooth surfaces and is a trained spy.


Saffron is a big scaredy cat and that stops you from doing things confidently. And also, she is terrified of Metal Sonic, so that's a big problem as well.


Saffron is making a theme called "There's a creeper outside".The lyrics are below.

Thre's a creeper outside - Saffron Powell

There's a creeper outside, there's a creeper outside the door. there's a creeper outside, there's a creeper outside the door. Going to blow up my house, get from inside to outdoors. There's a creeper outside,  there's a creeper outside the door.

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