This is an article about Safari the Living Compass, a character created by Jesus on 06/10/2015.


Safari is a small compass that is basically the Safari symbol, Just with a face.


Safari is stuck up and a douche to Wikia, though surprisingly very helpful in reminding Wikia that they can do everything.


Safari was created in the deep dark offices of Apple headquarters, designed to be a app for the all popular I-phone, But the peoples accidentally created the living compass he is today. He was then stolen by Wikia, and then stuff happened.


Safari can't do crap, cause he's a compass.


Safari has the ability to tell the direction and be a douche to Wikia.


Safari has learned to remind Wikia that he can do everything.


Being Dropped, other Obvious Weaknesses to being a Compass. Magnets.


He is the only member of The Interweb alliance that is not mobianoid

the guy in the comments, darkest, gave me the idea for this thing, cause i didn't manage to think of it first.

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