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Cquote1.png Even though Dr. Eggman turned me into a robot, I am NOT a servant of him, because he deceived me! I love my brothers, no matter how I look! Plus, I'm not mindless neither. Cquote2.png
Sadie the Hedgehog/Mecha Sadie

Sadie the Hedgehog

  • Physical Age: 19
  • Chronological Age: Unknown (presumably .5)
Height 4.5' (she is at J's height, since she was roboticized)
Weight 66 lbs. (although she weights almost 100 lbs., due to her Robian form)
Gender Female
Species Mobian/Robian/Hedgehog
  • Fur: None (has Dark Purple metallic paint from her body; has black metallic eyelash for each eye)
  • Eyes: None (has black eyes and red pupils)
  • Purple Metal Shirt
  • Copper Red Metal Skirt (with razor sharp edges)
  • Grey Metal Hands
  • Light Blue Metal Heels (with rocket boosters; same as Amy's)
  • Unnamed Grandma and Grandpa (deceased)
  • Unnamed Mom and Dad (deceased)
  • Emeralda the Hedgehog (great grandmother)
  • J the Hedgehog (older brother)
  • N the Hedgehog (older brother)
Affiliations None (she doesn't have teams so far, but affiliates well with her brothers
  • Robo-Sis (used by her brothers)
  • Sade (rarely used)
  • Robo-Girl (used by Trolls)
Romantic Interests None (every guy she dates, they only end up getting roboticized)
Current Residence Chaos City
Weaponry Various
Super Formation
  • Super Mecha Sadie (when using 7 Chaos Emeralds)
  • Hyper Mecha Sadie
  • Robo-Mecha Sadie (when using 7 Sol Emeralds)
Ability Type Speed/Power/Flight
DOB (Date of Birth) December 24, 1991 (now immortal)
American V.A.
  • Brina Palencia (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Liza Jacqueline (Sonic X Next Gen)
Japanese V.A.
  • Miyuki Sawashiro (Sonic Fanon X)
  • Yui Makino (Sonic N Next Gen)

Sadie 'Sade' the Hedgehog (セイディ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Seidi za Hejjihoggu) (or Mecha Sadie) (メカ・セイディ Meka Seidi) is an anthropomorphic, roboticized hedgehog who was born with her parents (as well as her brothers, J and N) and is the youngest of three siblings, before she was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and he roboticized her. Despite being a Robian, she acts a lot like other Mobians and is not considered to be mindless. Despite this, there was no way to revert her back to normal, but other than that, she loves her brothers and is always there with the two.


Unlike her brothers (who has peach ears and muzzles), Sadie has a steel gray muzzle, along with her nose and her ears. Her fur becomes a dark purple metallic and her clothes are also completely covered in metal. Her whites of her eyes are black and has red pupils. She has a distinctive robotic voice, but talks like all other Mobians would (even though she is a Robian).



Dr. Eggman, who has kidnapped Sadie, the younger sister of J and N the Hedgehogs, used his Roboticizer and has successfully roboticized Sadie, making her a mindless slave. Eggman "promised" Sadie that he will revert her back to her Mobian self, so she follows Dr. Eggman's orders. before she was a hero, she was a villain due to Eggman roboticizing her.


Soon after Sadie has completed Dr. Eggman's tasks, she then realizes that he obviously lied to her (although he wasn't aware that Sadie has retained her free will) and Sadie went berserk, blowing up the Egg Carrier 2 with her explosives and weapons (such as a saw, flamethrower, grenade bombs, etc.) before being shut down. After that, she was rebooted and her mindless thoughts has been ultimately ceased and she talks and acts like her normal self (except her body is robotic and having her voice completely robotic (though it retains her female voice)). At first, Sadie didn't liked the way she looked, but her enhanced powers allows her to easily defeat enemies with ease, along with her ability to fly.

Reuniting With Her Brothers

Since there is no solution of turning Sadie back to normal, she is proud to be a Robian, but most likely because unlike the rest of the roboticized Mobians, she is, obviously, a hero. J the Hedgehog and N the Hedgehog, who has managed to escape the Robians and drinks the potion that prevents them from being roboticized, sees their long-lost younger sister. The two freaks out, at first, but Sadie doesn't do anything to them and smiles at them. She tells her brothers not to freak out, and the two does stop freaking out and wne they look at the picture of Sadie, they realized that it is indeed their long-lost sister. J bursted into tears (although N didn't followed suit, obviously), but Sadie, in her permanent Robian form, easily comforts him and tells him that she's still her normal self.

Sadie tells her brothers that even though she was roboticized and that there was little to no cure for this, she did become powerful, enough to take down her enemies with ease, thanks to her new robotic-like powers. She tries out N's potion, but it doesn't work, because she is completely a Robian. Even though the potion didn't worked, she'd rather stay this way, because she can now control her mind.


Despite being a Robian, Sadie retains her happy-go-lucky, brave, heroic, kind-hearted and child-like personality. She is also considered to be mischievous. Although her feelings are still somewhat limited, however: she lacks sadness, love (although she loves her brothers, she doesn't fall in love with someone, because she was never programmed to fall in love with someone, thanks to Dr. Eggman, thus restricinting it from modifying her feelings) and fear (except her fear of drowning), but she does cry (which releases normal tears than oil) if her feelings are greatly hurt. When she gets angry caused by enemies, she'll likely blow them up to smithereens if one can make her feel angry. Unlike her brothers, she cannot fly planes or drive vehicles, so she'd rather keep it this way, but she does becomes happy for her brothers' favorite hobbies. Even though she has a robotic voice than her normal voice, she does talk a lot like her normal self and that she'll always be there for her brothers.


Stats Level
Stamina 10
Attack 10
Defense 10
Speed 10
Reflexes 10
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 10
Total 60/80

Unlike her older brothers, Sadie is not only the strongest, but also the smartest Mobian/Robian. She can turn her hands into a variety of weapons and explosives and her metallic shoes (or heels) can turn into jet boots and can fly at great distances with ease. Her body is also durable, regardless if enemies are strong or not and when they try to punch her, they end up breaking their hands instead. Here are her abilities:

  • Missile Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Flight (with her Jet Boots)
  • Dynamic Punch
  • Metal Palm Strike
  • Flame Kick
  • Arm Missile
  • Hand Cutter
  • System Virus Attack (when machine-type enemies tries to take control of her)


Even though Sadie is stronger than her brothers, she cannot swim. Although water doesn't harm her, her roboticized body can drop her underwater like a lead anchor and this can be really hard to bring her back up to shore. Even with her Flight ability, it lasts temporarily before it gets shut down, preventing her from flying back up.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Her brothers
  • Making new friends (despite being roboticized)
  • Practicing her powers


  • Guys attempting to date her (because they'll only end up getting roboticized)
  • Enemies that are wrongly flirting with her (mainly the Trolls)
  • Beaches (since she can't swim and because of the weight of her body)

Biggest Fears

  • Drowning

Relationships with Other Characters


  • Unnamed Mother and Father (deceased)
  • Unnamed Grandfather and Grandmother (deceased)
  • J the Hedgehog (older brother)
  • N the Hedgehog (older brother)

Friends and Allies


  • Guys who attempts to flirt with her (even though they are heroes)


  • Dr. Eggman (main enemy; he was responsible for roboticizing her)
  • The Trolls (she couldn't stand them flirting with her)

Love Interest

  • None (because every guy she dates, ends up getting roboticized)


"YAY! I'm brave like my brothers!" After getting S rank

"WOOHOO! I made it! Awesome!" After getting A rank

"[robotic giggle] Hehe! Is this easy or what?!" After getting B rank

"Ah well. Easier said than done, right?" After getting C rank

"I hope my brothers don't blame me for my mishaps..." After getting D rank

"WAHH! I don't like failing!" After getting E rank

"I'll show everyone that I'm a robot with a big heart!" After being selected

"I'll dismantle you into pieces!" Before a battle

"YAY! You were soooo easy to beat!" After winning a battle

"My systems... are malfunctioni-- [shuts down]" After losing a battle

"WHAT?! I'm faster than any time would!" After failing a timed mission

"I'm not a failure... I'M NOT A FAILURE!!" After failing a mission


  • Sadie is the only sibling whose names do not contain an alphabet word.

Theme Songs


.59 - DJ Taka

DJ Taka - .59


Sonic Adventure Music - Mechanical Resonance (Final Egg)

Sonic Adventure - Mechanical Resonance


♥ Love² シュガ→ ♥ (Love Love Sugar) Full Version

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) - Love Love Sugar


Sonic Heroes "This Machine" Music Request

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