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Sadie the Dog

Sadie the Dog
Sadie the Dog 4
Black Labrador
Eye Color
Plain white T-shirt w/ Denim jacket,

Jean shorts, White gloves,

Eggplant house slippers
15 (Sonic Universe) 10 (Real World)
96 cm
Sonic, nice people, Tikal, Cosmo, eating, Max, bones, Hazel, Mighty, having fun, things that don't take effort,
Rouge, Sally, Shawn, stalkers, bullies, starving, Lacey, Chris McLean, Shadow, making enemies
Ability Type
Balance(All Around)/Power

Sadie the Dog is an original character made by pumpituppartyzone She is a sharp violet Black Labrador, and makes frequent appearances in the Youtube show "Total Sonic Island", as a main character. She is 96cm tall, and keeps her weight a secret. She is best friends with Maxie Flippercorn, and is the power formation of Team Toon.


Sadie is a very naive girl with a good sense of humor. She always ends up finding things that nobody else notices, but when she says that she found it, everybody ignores her. She also tires easily and is easy to scare. If somebody sneaks up behind her, she takes off the other way. She is absolutley terrified of lighting, and does not like vaccuums either. Sadie is usually a very happy person, and always smiles and greets her friends when they walk into the room. However, if she doesn't like the person, she starts yelling at them, which sometimes scares them off. Sadie is very brave, but is also fairly jumpy.


Sadie is not a very fast runner, but has other abilities that make up for that. She can rebound off of a wall with ease, and has trained one of Maxie's chao, Scout, to help her in battle. She is good at kicking and punching, and has a snowboard that she also uses to attack. She has a laff meter, similar to the one Maxie has, that she keeps in her pockets. Unlike that of Maxie's, Sadie's has a timer and explodes after the time runs out. Sadie can also inflate her head to a large size and scream at the top of her lungs, which causes a lot of damage to her opponents. Also, unlike any other character, when she gets knocked out in battle, her falls into her Toon Hole instead of laying on the ground.

Baseball Party Zone

Sadie is a playable character in this game. Her default team is the "Flippercorn Allstars", and she is a balance type player.



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Sadie the Dog









Maxie Flippercorn

Max Flippercorn

Hazel the Hyrax

Ike the Numbat

Kaiko the Dog

Cliff McMuffin

Fifi the Bear


Shawn the Bandicoot

Freckles Jeeperchomp

Ned McMuffin

Big Buela the Gorilla


Maxie Flippercorn

Maxie and Sadie have been friends since they were in preschool. They do almost everything together, especially shopping. Sadie has a habbit of starting random and pointless arguments with Maxie just for the sake of it, but they make up when Sadie is ready to apologize. In episode 4 of Total Sonic Island, Sadie gets in a fight with Maxie's stalker, Shawn the Bandicoot. Shawn implied that he was going to get Sadie eliminated so that Shawn and Maxie could be together, and Sadie would not take that standing. She yelled at him and told him off, though it seemed to have absolutly no effect on him.

Shawn the Bandicoot

Shawn is one of the main antogists in the show Total Sonic Island, making enemies with everybody he sees, including Sadie. Shawn knew that if Sadie had no enemies, nobody would eliminate her, so he picked a fight with her when he was flirting with Maxie. Sadie holds this against Shawn.

Max Flippercorn

Sadie and Max are close friends, mostly because they are on the same team. Sadie does not notice how stupid Max acts sometimes, though she does think he acts silly. She wants to be nice, so she always laughs whenever he acts silly like that. Sadie treats Max like a little brother.

Hazel the Hyrax

It is possible that the only reason that these two met is because of Dr. Eggman. He captured Maxie and knocked her ot, and then sent a letter to all of her friends. It basicly said that they have no hope of getting Maxie back from him unless they pay a ransom, but Hazel, Sadie, and a few of her other friends found her and saved her. Since then, Sadie was great friends with Hazel, and Maxie never let anybody tie her hands behing her back.


Maxie Flippercorn (best friend, close as sisters)

Max Flippercorn (treats like little brother)

Hazel the Hyrax (Great friends)

Cliff McMuffin (Great friends)

Raven the Pig (Good friends)

Lily McFlip (Good Friends)

Silver the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Diana the Grey wolf


Rouge the Bat

Sally Acorn

Shawn the Bandicoot

Shadow the Hedgehog

Lacey the Cat



  • She is most likely the first character with an African-skinned muzzle.
  • She is based off of the creator and artist's dog, Sadie.
  • Her fur color was taken from Toontown Online, as well as Maxie Flippercorn's
  • She is the power type of Team Toon.
  • She lives in Station Square, in the same appartment complex as Amy and Cream.
  • Her ears loosley resemble those of Cream the Rabbit.
  • She is an orphan; she has never met her mother and her father died when she was 6 (based off of a true fact).
  • She has a chocolate allergy.
  • The real Sadie has been diagnosed with Arthritis in her hips and right knee.
  • Sadie, in real life, is 10 years old.
  • Sadie is a character in the game Baseball Party Zone.
  • If Sadie had a voice actress, it would be either Elara Distler, or Andrea Lewis.

Memorable Quotes

"Ready when you are." - After achieving Team Blast

"Yay! Let's go!" - Before Race/Battle 1

"So, we gonna start or what? - Before Race/Battle 2

"This time, you won't win!" - Before Race/Battle 3

"Haven't you had enough?" - Before Race/Battle 4

"Yay! I did it!" - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"That's right! I won!" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"Hooray! I didn't even trip over anything!" - S Rank

"That was amazing!" - A Rank

"That was fun." - B Rank

"That was tiring." - C Rank

"That was hard." - D Rank

"I've gotta try harder." - E Rank

"Oh... I lost...." - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"Aww, I lost." - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"Aah... Ooh...." - After being 'Killed'

"Ooooaaaaahh!?!?!" - After Falling

"Okay! Yippie!" - After hitting a home run

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