Sadie the Cat was a hairdresser who served in the G.U.N. Second Naval Fleet as part of the morale corps. She married, left the military, had children and died at the hands of the Eggman Empire, all before the age of thirty.

Sadie the Cat

Biographical Information
Age27 (deceased)
Romantic InterestsCaptain Jack Grima (Chimpanzee, ex-husband)
Physical Description
  • Fur: Chocolate brown w/ peach skin
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Yellow cardigan
  • Green shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Dark green sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & EquipmentSet of hairdressing razors, clippers and scissors
  • Possessed the genetic ability Retreat Aid
  • Some training in spectrakinesis & aerokinesis
  • Low-level hand-to-hand combat training
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

An elegant brown cat, with her muzzle showing her peach skin like a Hedgehog, Sadie had blonde hair and a regal sort of grace about her. Her purple eyes were often gentle when she smiled, although after her divorce she seemed distant.


Even while employed by G.U.N. as a hairdresser, Sadie was never required to wear uniform. Instead, she was commonly seen wearing a yellow cardigan and green shirt with blue jeans and green sandals.


Early Life

Sadie grew up in the port city of Nimban, a town heavily focused on supporting the G.U.N. Second Naval Fleet, which had a supply port dedicated to the ballistics-heavy fleet. As a child, all she wanted to be was a hairdresser, and aggravated her parents by cutting the hair of her dolls, although after a while they admitted that the haircuts had been artfully done. Due to the heavy focus on the Marines holidaying in the area, her parents began to encourage the girl towards her dream, but suggesting she take on a role sponsored by G.U.N. to help keep morale for the sailors up through beauty treatments. At the time, she was eight, and as the goal sounded reasonable, she agreed.

Beauty in the Shadows of War

As a teenager, Sadie focused on hairdressing, with her parents offering only occasional lessons into the powers that she had, including her genetic ability. The subjects she chose in school also seemed to point her down that path, and at the age of sixteen she applied to work as an apprentice hairdresser on the base itself. As such, she would gossip with and get to know crews from a wide variety of ships, most commonly those connected to the Second Fleet. While she quickly grew adept at cutting in the typical Marine style, she would also perform other styles if requested, typically by the female officers.

At the age of eighteen, she met a young officer candidate, Jack Grima, who came to get his hair trimmed back into a military style. Almost instantly, she fell for the chimpanzee, who was revealed to be two years older than her. He served aboard a patrol boat, the GNDF Kuma, and was regarded to be a future captain. Indeed, the ape was relaxed in the younger cat's presence, and the two began to flirt. From there, whenever the Kuma was in port, Sadie would be there to greet and chat with Jack, and from there it led into a full-on relationship. Within two years, they were married.


Of course, over the first few years of marriage, everything was fine, although the routines barely changed. Jack would be gone for a few days on a patrol with the Kuma, while Sadie would work on-base tending to the hair of the sailors staying there. Within a year of getting married, she had their first child, a boy that she named William, although as he grew older he preferred to go by Bill. Two years after Bill came Forte, a daughter to join the family. However, after Forte was born, Sadie and Jack found themselves growing distant from one another, due to his patrols growing longer as he was promoted to captain. After a while, they separated, although they remained friends, at least for the first year.

Soon after her twenty-fifth birthday, Sadie seemed to change. She grew bitter towards her ex-husband, often complaining about how little he did to help her with the children, and how hard she worked. Added to this was her newly-developed love of alcohol, and she quickly began to spiral out of control.


Nimban was, considering the presence of a fully-staffed naval base, considered to be a hard target to face, but it was a target none-the-less. While at work one dark day after her twenty-seventh birthday, while she whined to her coworkers about her ex-husband, the old attack sirens started to ring. At first, Sadie passed it off as a drill until she noticed the Marines racing for the ships, ready to fight the assailant, and she realized that this was no drill.

When she left her small salon-styled area on the base, the problem was obvious - a rogue nanite construction of Eggman construction, shaped into the form of a giant EggMech armed with chainguns. Subconsciously, she activated her genetic ability, giving the nearby Marines a boost of speed away from the monstrous enemy, but she stood and faced it, understanding that if she ran, her power would cut out and more sailors would die. As such, she died when the A.I. noticed her, with at least four rounds from the two miniguns catching her in the head and chest before it returned to gathering information and ammunition from the base.


One of the first beings to arrive at the base after her death was none other than her ex-husband, distraught at the fact that she had died and worried for his children, who had survived the assault. Indeed, while he refused to stand down from his position as captain of the Kuma, he proposed that a monument be left in her memory, a memorial not only to her sacrifice but to those who lost their lives. After that point, every time their anniversary came around, he would spend the day with their children, talking about their amazing mother.


Sadie was not a powerful fighter, although her genetic ability Retreat Aid did not reflect that. The ability would give allies a boost out of combat, as long as she stood her ground. This was what led to her selfless death.

As a fighter, Sadie had limited training in hand-to-hand combat, and likewise in the two elements that she possessed - Darkness and Wind. Then again, as a hairdresser it was viewed that it was unlikely that she would ever have to fight. However, in that same role she was well-respected for her skill.

Wind Abilities

Dark Abilities

Elementless Abilities


When she was younger, Sadie was a laid-back and dedicated girl, who wanted to become a hairdresser more than anything. As she grew up, this goal stayed, and she found an actual path for it - to enter G.U.N. and help keep the morale of the sailors in the naval base up. This personality all changed after her divorce from Jack Grima, when she began to drink to excess. After that point, she was noted as being bitter and downcast towards the world and her ex-husband in particular. However, when she died, she did so to protect others, showing a selfless side that she had never revealed before.

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