This is an article about Sacre the Porcupine, a character created by PhysTheEchidna on 03/18/2013.


Sacre is a crimson porcupine. He has 12 spines on his head, one at the top, four on each side and three down the middle. His eyes are like Sonic's, however the eye color is yellow. His gloves are black, and his shoes are orange with a semi-circular stripe running from the front left to the front right. He has four spines on his back, like Sonic's two spines but with the two extra smaller ones below them. His tail and nose are the same as Sonic's.


Sacre seems to be a quiet character much like his friend Phys the Echidna. However, unlike Phys he is not shy and will walk up to people to talk to them. He likes to relax and often takes life easy, but will help those in need energetically when needed to. Also unlike Phys, Sacre is easy to anger and is not afraid to fight people, although he does not particularly like to fight people he likes. He will fight evil people eagerly, however. Sacre is self-conscious and thinks about what he says before he does. Sacre never talks about his past much (see History).


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Sacre currently has no known powers, but may be given some in future roleplays.





Sacre is skilled in swordplay. Because he practices almost every day, he has reached a point where his sword is the only thing he can really trust on in battle. He wants to be the universe's greatest sword master one day.


Sacre's main weakness is that he cannot fight well without his sword. He can use basic combat moves as well as spin-related moves, but his swordplay skills are his greatest strength in battle.

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