Sabrina the Hedgehog
Sabree (by Sonic)
brown fur, light blue hair, peach muzzle, brown/hazel eyes
grey and white striped shirt, black skirt, black boots, white gloves
Romantic Interest
Vira (best friend), blue, vanilla ice-cream, her friends
Amy, Egghea-- I mean Eggman, anyone who gets her friends mad, Tails
Super Speed (as fast as Sonic), advanced reflexes, homing attack, spin dash, super strength
Vira(best friend), Sonic,Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, Luna
Eggman, bad guys, eggman's robots
Super Sabrina
Sabrina the Hedgehog has her bestfriend Vira the Cat. She is very outgoing she only neutral because she gets evil at night, even though it hasn't happen for a while now.


Early Life

Sabrina always wanted to be a sonic character, she was a diehard sonic fan, and would draw herself as one. Even though she didn't know it was a "fancharacter". She would hang out with her best friend Vira and talk about sonic games and draw themselves as them. But then one day Vira had to move and they didn't see each other for a while....


Ever since Vire moved Sabrina was alone, but made a new friend named Faith. Faith and Sabrina would hang out together all the time. But over the years their friendship slowly pulled apart... Then one year Vira came back and went to the school. Sabrina was so happy, and although Vira almost forgot comepletely sonic and the others, Sabrina reminded her. And they spent all their time just talking about it. But Faith became jelous, she was mad at Vira for taking Sabrina away. So Sabrina and Faith's friendship broke comepletely.

The most amazing thing that happened...

One day in an assembly, people were dancing, badly. Sabrina was so bored she drifted off in a day dream... not paying attention so well. But when she came back to reality the song was almost over, she then though "Finaly!" Then all of a sudden Sonic and Dr. Eggman burst into the assembly in a battle, everyone was told to hide. But Sabrina and Vira snuck off thinking "WAS THAT SONIC AND EGGMAN?!" They got over to Sonic who had already beat Eggman, and said "Hey!" Sonic then turned a round to ask who they were, and after a long introduction they said their names. He then said he had to go back to Mobius, both of them asked if they could come and he said "Sure!". The then asked about if they could be turned into their sonic character, and said just wait until we to Mobius. So Vira went in first, then Sabrina helped Sonic take Eggman with them so he wouldn't freak out anyone. And then she went in.

New Life

When she got to Mobius she couldn't believe her eyes, she even piched herself to see if she was awake, and she was. She also looked at herself, she was now Sabrina the Hedgehog. After a while of being there she dated Scourge the Hedgehog, but later broke up about 5 months later. The she dated Silver for an hour, but it wasn't real just a dare the two of them had to do. Later, she dated Sonic but after 3 months they broke up. She is now single and happy about it.


Sabrina has a happy personality, and always joking around her friends. She was shy when she's around people she didn't know when she was a human, but her personality has changed so much, she now very outgoing and will do anything to protect her friends. She will get serious around people she doesn't like and kick them in the crotch.


Sabrina has abilities are super speed (as fast a sonic), amazing stamina (can run for hours and be punched in the face and still keep going). Sabrina is really strong for her size too, she punched Amy across an ocean (which was totally not intentional) and put a dent in the ground. She can also go super and when angry go dark super.


(Feel free to add to it =D)

Sonic the Hedgehog: friends

Vira the Cat: Best friends forever.

Shadow the Hedgehog: friends

Knuckles the Echinda: Just good Friends because of Vira

Egghead: Hate him.

Silver the Hedgehog: thinks he's a nork (nerd dork).

Scourge the Hedgehog: they're now friends

Rouge the Bat: friends

Blaze the Cat: friends

Luna the Hedgehog: Great Friends

Honey the cat: KIND of friends

Theme Song

Kesha Take it Off, it describes her...

Kesha - Take it Off


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