Sabrina once was a human who always dreamed of adventure. She arrived in Sonic's world by accidently falling inside a portal that was created by Silver the hedgehog[1] She met Sonic and grew a crush on him. Amy Rose soon figured this out and instantly hated her. Even though Sabrina is not liked by all Mobians, she still treats them like good friends.

Sabrina was made by Sabrinathehedgehog09876


  • Super Speed and homing attack
  • Mind Reading/Control
  • Super Sabrina
  • Dark Sabrina
  • Good with an arrow
  • Sometimes "borrows" Amy's piko piko hammer


  • Sabrina is afraid of fire because when she was a child her house caught on fire and killed her parents.
  • She cares about her friends too much, so she is easy to trap when they get captured.


When she was a human, Sabrina was poular because of her beauty. But she wasn't taken seriously because of it. Boys would often flirt with her, but she never wanted a boyfriend (but eventually wants to date Sonic)

In her hedgehog form, Sabrina has long flowy hair and is given clothes that are identical to Amy's. She still is liked by boys, but not as many. Scourge the Hedgehog often flirts with her, but never succeeds in actually seducing her.


Sabrina is a kind-hearted girl who is nice to everyone (sometimes even Dr.Eggman) But when Sabrina is threatened, she fights harshly. (Even though she never wants to)

When Sabrina meets Sonic, she shows some affection to him. Sonic sometimes returns the affection, but never really notices when she's showing it.

Even though Amy Rose dislikes Sabrina, she still treats Amy like a friend and ignores her mean comments

First Battle

Sabrina was walking with Sonic when Eggman came by and kidnapped her. Eggman put her inside a pod and left her there as a trap for Sonic. Shadow found Sabrina and opened the pod. They weren't sure about eachother at first, but eventually they became a team and decided to escape.

Shadow guided Sabrina out of Eggman's base, but he got captured once Sabrina ran out. Sabrina wanted to save him because he saved her. She searched through the base, but couldn't find Shadow. There was only one more room to search in and she walked inside. There was an army of robots and behind them all, was Shadow. Sabrina defeated all the robots and brought Shadow back to safety.

When they were safe, Shadow and Sabrina shook hands and made themselves allies.


When Sabrina was a human, she didn't want a boyfriend to slow her down. She was popular, so she thought that it would make other guys sad if she picked one of them to date. Even though her two best friends urged her into having a boyfriend, she always refused.

But that all changed when Sabrina fell through Silver's portal. She met Sonic, he helped her with anything she needed and Sabrina found that sweet of him. She fell in love with him and tries to keep it a secret, but sometimes she accidently says something that kind of proves that she likes him. She doesn't know if he likes her back, but she does know that he likes her as a friend.

Sometimes Scourge flirts with her, but Sabrina usually doesn't pay attention to him. He often calls her "babe" and Sabrina finds that uncomfortable. But, she still likes Scourge as a friend (kinda)


  • Originally, Sabrina was supposed to be a cat, but then decided to be a hedgehog
  • It is rumored that Sabrina also has a crush on Silver and Shadow, but nobody really knows
  • People usually mistake Amy and Sabrina to be sisters
  • Sabrina's theme song is "Glad you Came" by The Wanted. She got it because she bases the song on how she met Sonic and her universe changed.
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