Literally translated as “Cactus”, the Saboten are an anthropomorphic, plant species of cactus folk. They live exclusively within the Lantern Dust Desert.


The chest of a Saboten is similar in shape to a human’s chest. Male Saboten generally have skinny legs and thick arms, while females are the opposite. They have three pointy toes at the end of their feet.  They also have mitten-like hands, with only a thumb sticking out (as a result, they are unable to use standard firearms that require trigger fingers).

As one would expect from a cactus, they have green skin and spines all across their bodies (females generally have less spines than males).These cactus folk seem to have no ears (this may not be accurate, as they can still hear), noses (according to peacefully-conducted experiment, it has been confirmed that they have no sense of smell), or mouths (it is believed that they may be able to communicate telepathically with members of their own species and even other plants). Their most distinguishing feature is what is considered to be their “hair” (for females, it is actually their reproductive structure). Males have grass-like hair of various lengths, while females have flowers of various colors. 

For attire, the Saboten are most commonly seen wearing tattered cloth for clothing. These cloth come in a variety of sizes and colors. 


Saboten are shown to be a curious species. They have a habit of investigating changes in their surroundings multiple times a day, if not over the course of a week. They can be very friendly to travelers, until they are provoked (mainly through violence). Once provoked they will attack and chase away the offenders, if not outright kill them.

They are also known for their human-like intelligence. They can build themselves homes (though they are admittedly horrible builders, only able to construct small, shanty-looking huts that do not have windows or even floors), understand and write the English language, create simple weapons, and have even established a trading system with the citizens of Lantern Dust City (this trade system has provided the city with an essential supply of water, something the city use to have trouble acquiring).


Being a plant species, the Saboten are autotrophs (they make their own food). Through the process of photosynthesis, these intelligent cacti use sunlight to provide nourishment. As they are desert plants, they are able to last long periods of time without water. 


Saboten have only ever been encountered within the Lantern Dust Desert. Usually, colonies can be found near the oasis scattered across the desert. It is unknown whether or not they are capable of leaving the desert, as there are no records of them ever attempting to do so. However, scientists believe that they would not be able to survive outside of the desert, which would explain why they do not try to leave.

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